Speeding Up Your Web Searches

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Speeding Web Searches,

There are several ways that you can easily speed up your web searches. You can clear caches and cookies, get rid of unused extensions, managed your tabs, and even reinstall your favorite browser. Many people don’t realize one of the easiest ways to speed up your web searches is to switch search engines. Gone are the days of using Google out of convenience, even if it produces what some consider quick results. Below are five alternatives to Google that provide quick results and will keep you safe and secure while you use them.


Starting us off is a search engine that is designed similarly to Google. Ecosia is easy to navigate and you’ll even be benefiting the earth from completing searches that you would be doing anyway. Ecosia plants trees when users complete a handful of search inquiries. While that’s a great bonus, Ecosia is incredibly quick as well. You also won’t have to be concerned about your IP address being stored or sold, as it runs on private servers. Since Ecosia is easy to use, provides quick results, and is great for the earth, there’s no reason not to use it!


Another quick search engine option that is easy to navigate is Hot.com. This is an up and coming option that people are raving about. The results you will get when performing a search inquiry using Hot.com are accurate and are provided in just milliseconds. This is also a privacy-oriented option, just like Ecosia. Your personal data and sensitive information will be kept safe and won’t be stored by Hot.com, like it would on Google.


Boardreader is a unique search engine that brings you results in no time. Unlike other popular search engines, this one uses message boards and forums to find you the answers you’re looking for. If you find yourself spending a lot of time searching through websites like Reddit, you’ll enjoy using Boardeader. It scans popular message boards and forums in less than a second to give you the most accurate results, based on your search inquiry. Using it will save you time and keep you and whatever device you use safe and secure.


Hotbot is easily one of the quickest search engines available. When you’re using a search engine that provides you with results from four other well-known search engines, you’re bound to get results more quickly. Hotbot does just that in a safe and secure manner, with record speeds. You won’t have to worry about your search history being tracked or used against you in the form of targeted ads to get you to spend money. It is safe, easy to use, and can’t see the results you’re looking for in no time. If you’re someone looking for a variety of different search results that are all in one organized place, this is a great option for you.


Last but not least, DuckDuckGo is an amazing search engine for anyone to use. One reason it makes the list is because it is designed and formatted similarly to Google. This makes it easy to use and doesn’t require you to learn a new search engine layout. Like Google, DuckDuckGo provides you with incredibly fast results. This is another privacy-oriented search engine that keeps you and your loved ones safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about your private information when looking up something as simple as the cast of a movie or a tutorial on how to set up your new TV. DuckDuckGo allows you to do these things with peace of mind.

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