In SOTY audiences will see me as their friend – Alia Bhatt Part 2

In SOTY audiences will see me as their friend - Alia Bhatt Part 2

I'm not kidding here! Spend half an hour with Alia Bhatt and you'll feel like you're her best friend. She is disarmingly warm, open and downright normal. But if you look at a lot of front covers of glossy mags, billboard hoardings across the suburbs, and television channels, all you see is Student Of The Year everywhere. So with a hot debut movie and two extra-ordinary gentlemen, Bhatt seems anything but normal. The more I chat with Alia, my mind wants to agree on the fact that she definitely won't be tagged as the girl-next-door. There's this quality in her – the way she talks, the way she dresses and her overall personality – that makes me want to believe she's the perfect combination of bohemian goddess and rock chick, both of course the influence of her sister I suppose. Alia Bhatt is currently a favorite target for the Indian paparazzi because face value is just not a cosmetic property. Yes, she is paranoid. Yes, she is self-conscious. But yes, she is also enjoying the creative process to the countdown of the most talked about debut. She arches an eyebrow, "I can't wait for the feedback, good or bad, anything will do." Alia, ever the optimistic Mumbai lass is not deterred by her critics either. She has kissed and hugged her way throughout life's ups and downs, and to top it up, the learnings from her father Mahesh Bhatt. And it is this very nature of the young actress that I respect. She has been extra generous with her time. She has been more open and much funnier than I had imagined, especially on the subject of her obsession with the television show Breaking Bad & her technologically challenged nature. But it was now time to go. I could sense my love story coming to an end. I get up from my chair, pick my bag and turn to open the door. Something tells me this ain't right. I turn to face her. Walk two steps ahead, and shake her hands. I know I did the unexpected. The PR arrives to thank me for my time spent with Alia. I look at Bhatt one last time. My heart is now controlling the mind. I walk towards her, hug her and air-kiss her goodbye.

Devansh Patel: Let's go back to the St Teresa's

Alia Bhatt: Sure!

DP: Ok, sports or studies?

AB: Sports! I used to play a lot of handball, football, squash, tennis. I was very sporty before food came into my life (laughs).

DP: What movie comes to your mind where you could go like – 'Aaah! I could've done this role to perfection'?

AB: Twilight series.

(My Jaws drop and my eyes are pop out. Alia laughs out loud)

AB: I just wanted to see your look when I answered that. Nope! It's not Twilight. I'll have to think about your answer now. I'll come back to it some other time.

DP: But I'm sure you'll be waiting for the time when audience goes – there are actors and then there's Alia Bhatt.

AB: I wish yaar! I want a more tangible quality when I do any role. My audience can relate to me. So when they see SOTY, they will see me as their friend. That's the acting prowess. Talking about 'friends', are you a Friends fan?

DP: Hell yes! I love Phoebe and Ross.

AB: Me too. I am a big Ross fan. Ok, what about Two & A Half Men?

DP: Honestly, I haven't seen the show yet but heard good things about it. But I am a big fan of the recent show called Smash and The Newsroom.

AB: Right now I am watching Breaking Bad.

DP: What the hell! You got the Heisenberg fever huh?

AB: Yea (laughs)

DP: Cooking Meth is my latest hobby (laughs). Now getting a bit serious. In the days of the crore clubs, where do you see yourself fit in?

AB: Everyone dreams of becoming a part of their first 100 crore club. But right now I can't play roles that Vidya and Rani are playing. I am 19 years old and I know my limitations.

DP: But you must be having dozens of scripts lying on your desk and calls coming in even before SOTY is released. I mean, your approach as an actor is?

AB: You know, what I least expect interests me the most. I'm being honest. In life too.

DP: Are your a party animal?

AB: Not any more.

DP: What? Then it wouldn't be easy for you shaking a leg.

AB: No yaar! I wanted to have fun. I know it's more technical when it comes to dance. I will eat out the steps (laughs). The first song we did was 'Radha' but I went haywire many times. Me and Sidharth struggled on the sets but Varun got the steps so right. He loves dancing.

DP: You come across as a pampered child. Was there a moment of despair on or off the sets?

AB: Not at all. I am a very moody person more than being the pampered one. But I like the 'Me' time. I love my company the most and chilling with myself is the best thing I've done. In my free time I do sketching, reading, etc.

DP: …and Tweeting?

AB: You are following me (laughs). I have started tweeting.

DP: I hope not like me – 26 K tweets in two and a half years.

AB: Ok, I'm going to start following you now. I read your tweet this morning.

DP: But all this and you are the overnight sensation. The power of Twitter I tell you!

AB: You know, I had stopped tweeting a while back but I have now started, thanks to my SOTY. But I didn't have much to say. I had also changed my phone. I am technologically challenged (laughs). I followed my first fan club on Twitter.

(PR Nilufer enters to check on Alia)

DP: I recall your sister had a bohemian kind of a dressing style. Very hippie in nature and yet she would look beautiful or boyish. What's your take on fashion?

AB: Being a former chubby child…

(I interrupt Alia)

DP: Stop calling yourself chubby Alia.

AB: (laughs) I was very chubby, Ok! I was 67 kgs back then. But I am never fascinated with branded items. Now that I have started earning some money, I will brand myself (laughs). Now that I have lost weight, I am getting into my clothes, my shoes and my bag.

DP: When you are on the sets, besides acting, do you happen to go see the monitor seeing Varun and Sid's scenes?

AB: Yes, of course, Ayananka Bose was our DOP. He has taken some amazing close ups in the film. But the way he used to light up the sets was striking. He would tell me about the sunlight in Mumbai and Bangkok. Mickey Contractor did my make up. He understood the colour so well. It's all so new to me but I am intrigued to learn more about technicians and what goes around behind the sets too. As for Varun and Sid, yes, I did check them out on the monitor (laughs).

DP: And to finish this interview, please rewind. Flashback to the moment you received that call or the day when the world saw you – the announcement.

AB: I remember I was in my favorite class – English. My father kept pinging me on my mobile saying that my mother has started receiving calls from friends after the first poster came out in Bombay Times. We were not allowed to read Bombay Times in the library (laughs). I really wanted to read it and I asked the librarian to let me read the paper. She had already read about it and then gave it to me for a minute. I can't forget that day. I looked a bit different though (laughs). But I hope such memories stay with my forever.

DP: You life's about to change any moment. Are you ready to face everything – good and bad?

AB: Yes. That's what life's all about – to face everything. I accept all and all this will help me grow as a better actor and a better human being.

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