BTS member Suga drops second mixtape ‘D-2’ with a traditional ‘Daechwita’ music video which is a masterpiece

New BTS music is here and it is absolutely thrilling! Rapper-songwriter-producer Suga of the popular group has dropped his second mixtape titled 'D-2' after 'AGUST D' that released in 2016. While he has been working on several solo projects for years apart from the group's albums, it's been four years since he released his full-fledged solo work. The ten-track mixtape features unique traditional Korean samples along with features including BTS' leader RM, musician Niihwa, American singer MAX and Kim Jong-wan of NELL.

BTS member Suga drops second mixtape 'D-2' with a traditional 'Daechwita' music video which is a masterpiece

The title track 'Daechwita' samples traditional Korean music consisting of military music played by the wind and percussion instruments, generally performed while marching. The music video is a masterpiece with a blend of traditional music with trap. There is the use of pansori storytelling that involves a singer and drummer with Kkwaenggwari percussion traditionally used for folk music.

Often known to express his views in the most honest way through his music, 'Daechwita' stands out as one of the best musical works to date. To be honest, the whole mixtape has no skip track. The ceremonial walk of the King as he expresses in the lyrics, "a man of his own origin and a king of his servant / maddening pan-optic flow / a man of humble origin / That's how I live / I'm sorry, Don't worry / I have a lot to lose / I'll lock you up in the week after this / Get me everything. I'much."

Interestingly, BTS members Jin and Jungkook make a surprise cameo at the beginning of the music video. The whole music depicts that he is facing off his alter-ego. The King shows the snob, arrogant side of him as he continues to fight back and in the end destroys the ego. This could mean that he is still the underground rapper at heart who is grounded before he became an idol and came in the spotlight. "I'm a king I'm a boss / Put my name on it," he says. Every chant and explosive scenes pierce through your heart.

Suga is always been all about confronting authorities through his music. His lyrics hit hard because it symbolizes his true feelings. The end shot depicts how no one can control him anymore since he is at that point in his life where he feels serene and has control over himself. He wants to break all the shackles of society. Did we think that he could surpass the authenticity and sheer honesty of 'AGUST D'? Yes, we did. Did he succeed? Yes, he did. The music video is once again his personal take on his life as he doesn't fear to showcase his vulnerabilities.

Speaking to Apple Music, Suga said, "It’s a documentation of myself as a 28-year-old. This is the output of my time in quarantine. In a way, it was a creative silver lining. It was a time during which I was able to learn, again, the meaning of the phrase ‘due to.’ Serenity. In general, I’ve loosened up, and it’s not a bad feeling."

Suga's first mixtape 'Agust D' released in 2016 that revolved around his hardships, confessions of his personal struggles, mental health, and more importantly, self-reflection.

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