“I think Ramos will be John Abraham and Messi would be Varun Dhawan” – says Esha Gupta on who resonates with El Clasico stars

Actress Esha Gupta, known to be a soccer fan, is quite excited about the ongoing La Liga 2020-21. She has been posting about it a lot on social media. In a special conversation, she spoke her favourite players, her work and more.

“I think Ramos will be John Abraham and Messi would be Varun Dhawan” - says Esha Gupta on who resonates with El Clasico stars

Spain and India are two different countries but have you found any similarities between the two?

Indians are big on families. One thing I find so beautiful is that you know you come from the conception of west, 18 and you move out, you don’t live with your parents and where I come from I see people who must be around 60 and their parents are on the wheel chair and they are taking care of them and I think it is so beautiful because in India, we don’t see it as a responsibility. It is just something that comes naturally to us because that is how they have done and that is how it has been for generations. When I spoke to a lot people I was like you know I found it so weird, I won’t say weird but I found it so new for me to realize because what we see in TV and movies but that’s more west and then they say yeah for us yes that’s our culture. For us family matters a lot and I think being an Indian that is the happiest thing you can think about.

What would you say are the main differences you find between Spain and India?

I know the answer to this; at the top of my head, because I crib about it every day is the food. Most of the Indians are vegetarian, I am Vegan, and I love my spices, I love my chilies. The first few days I got irritated and was having a mood swing because I could not find the fresh red chilly. I finally found it and then now I go to that place every time and buy packets because it is so important for us to have ghee, you know like all our ingredients. Now I have it but I think food is always different everywhere but I really miss my Indian food.

What is your favorite LaLiga team and why?

Real Madrid. Why is as simple as it gets they never give up until the very end. They are great fighters and I have seen it every game I mean whenever I get a chance. I do follow them because that is my team, they never give up until the last, and they are on it and most of the time they win it.

Can you mention five LaLiga players of any time, that come to your mind and why?

Zidane then Cristiano I mean so humble at what you see even after having so much. Messi I mean why not Messi you cannot mess with him, Ronaldo I remember when my dad used to watch, he is a football fan and that is how I got into it. Ronaldo used to keep winning player of the year award and Beckham I think in the world of Football until now he is the best-looking player ever.

Can you tell us what is or would be your LaLiga dream team?

Zidane, Cristiano, Ronaldo, Messi, Ramos, Dani Alves, Casillas, Marcelo, Puyol, Iniesta and Xavi. Now try to beat that team.

Talking about El Clasico biggest stars, who resonate with Ramos and Messi in Bollywood? Why?

I am going to say based on looks and on talent but not based on football but in their own field. I think Ramos will be John Abraham. I love him he is so good looking and so is John Abraham and Messi would be Varun Dhawan. He is swift, he gets his work delivered and he is great so yeah Varun and John.

If you were a manager of a Football team, which all celebrities would place in each position and why?

I think first I am going to go for a great coach, which according to me would be a director like Neeraj Pandey who you know is no nonsense, no showoff, but actually like getting the work done with efficiency. I do not know all the players but I am going to go for the best forward, which is going to be Akshay Kumar.

Can you tell us about your next projects? What can your fans expect in the future?

I can say that next year 2021 is a full packed year. This year you know was like oh my god you don’t know what is going to happen, when the work will start but I think everything happens for a reason and next year I don’t think I see myself sitting idle and taking a holiday like we were discussing before I am actually enjoying this. I have my film Tipsy coming which was supposed to start this year, twice it was delayed because of Covid and I have my Netflix series starting in February. In between that, I will be going and filming another OTT platform. Then Regix two which I did this year, the third will start so my dates as of now are packed until October, next year, which is amazing.

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