“If you can be good to your fans but not your team, then I don’t think that’s a good quality”, says Aditi Sharma

A human being is considered great when he is generous to the ones who are weaker or are not as privileged as him. Actress Aditi Sharma who is known for shows like Kaleerein and Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka opens up on the negative attitude fostered by the current set of actors. The actress believes being kind and down to earth are the biggest attributions of a human being, regardless of however big a person is.

If you can be good to your fans but not your team, then I don't think that's a good quality, says Aditi Sharma

Aditi says "Humbleness and being down to earth are a very pertinent part of a human being, People nowadays have a significant body of work and claim that they are down to earth but don't behave in a good way with their own staff! I won't name anyone but I have seen people treating others around them badly. If you can be good to your fans but not to your team, so I don't think that it is good quality. So I think that is one quality I wish the actors of the current generation should imbibe."

When asked about what is that one attitude that the current set of actors need to get rid of, to which she says "That negative attitude. We are meant to have a positive attitude because actors have a specific shelf life today you are there and tomorrow you will be gone! So we should be grateful and not consider ourselves on the 9th cloud, from where you won't be able to see the world! But there are good people also around you as well. There are good, okay and bad people in the world and that's important to strike a balance in the mankind."

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