Dos and Donts for Celebs in the New Year

Dos and Donts for Celebs in the New Year

2013 is only moments away and this means, it's a good time to start afresh. For our Bollywood stars, this means they get to put the past behind them-the flop films, controversies and any other pieces of the year they'd prefer to forget. But there are some of our favorite Bollywood stars who need some help in making these resolutions. And who better but us to help them!

Bipasha Basu
It's a real easy one for Bipasha Basu. All she really needs to do is find her prince charming. And while she's at it, can she please sign a film in which we do not need to see all of her body? I would like to see a fully clad Bipasha for a change.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan should vow to stay away from drinking, cricket, slapping people and lastly, he should run in the opposite direction from a certain actress.

Saif Ali Khan
Maybe post marriage, Kareena Kapoor can learn to cook. That way, Saif Ali Khan will stay away from hotel restaurants and thus, will not go around hitting other guests.

Rani Mukerji
Please spare us with another nonsensical film where we are forced to watch you overact and belly dance. Please. Get married.

Priyanka Chopra
Stay away from wrong men.

Ajay Devgn
Honestly Ajay, all this hoopla you created around Son of Sardaar is very unlike you. Please go back to your subtle ungimmicky ways, please. We like you in silent mode.

Shahid Kapoor
If you follow Shahid Kapoor on Twitter, you know that he has serious issues with grammar and spelling. This year, maybe the actor can take some English lessons to help improve his tweets.

Karan Johar
KJo should just promise he won't torture us with anymore cheesy films or another season of Koffee with Karan in 2013.

Katrina Kaif
Do not kiss any co-stars in 2013 because she makes kissing looking icky and uncomfortable.

John Abraham
Please sort your issues with Bips and give us a break, John. We're tired of listening to the stories and gossip.

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