Why Sajid moved from skyscrapers to village for Himmatwala

Why Sajid moved from skyscrapers to village for Himmatwala

Housefull 2, Housefull and Heyy Babyy – Each of these three films had three things in common. They were big money spinners, they had Sajid Khan, Akshay Kumar and Sajid Nadiadwala coming together and they had a substantial portion set in a foreign land. However, for his Himmatwala, Sajid Khan doesn't just have a new lead actor (Ajay Devgn) and a producer (Vashu Bhagnani), he has also moved the setting to a village, as the film demands.

"Really, the audience doesn't care if the film is set in skyscrapers or villages. There are thousands of films that have been shot in either of them and they haven't worked. At the end of the day, it is all about storytelling. The visuals may not be as glossy as they can be in Australia or the UK but then I have to be true to my film", says Sajid.

Meanwhile it is also quite apparent that cynicism around him and his films has settled down, detractors have gone quiet (well almost) and a loyal audience gathered over the years. Just when one was about to slot his films as 'Sajid Khan brand of cinema', he has taken a U turn and is currently putting together Himmatwala which can be as 'massy' as it gets.

This means that gone are the huge mansions in the Queen's land even as Sajid promises complete entertainment in the village sets at Ramoji Rao Studio because, in his own words, 'you can't imagine a village called Rampur in Berlin or Manchester'.

"After all, you can't get a more massy title than Himmatwala which means a film has to be set in a village. Now tell me, how do I place one in Manchester? Naa toh main waisa kar sakta hoon naa main waisa karoonga. This means I have to shoot the film on a set constructed in Hyderabad. Any complains that I have while shooting? Just one that it gets extremely hot there. Par uskaa bhi solution hai, aap topi pehen sakte ho", smiles Sajid.

On a different note, as for coming together with Ajay Devgn for the first time, one wonders what did Akshay Kumar had say when Sajid announced his decision.

Says Sajid, "See, it's a very straight forward industry and nobody stops or minds it if anyone makes a film with someone. For example, a lot of people don't believe that Farah (Khan) and I never ever discuss each other's work and that is the fact."

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