MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is riveting in ‘I am a B’ music video from second solo album Guilty Pleasure

South Korean female group MAMAMOO member Hwasa, also known as Ahn Hye-jin or Maria, has made much-anticipated comeback in her known unapologetic style with the second mini-album Guilty Pleasure. The album was released on November 24 at 6pm KST (2:30pm IST) with the title track ‘I am B’ which was dropped with a vibrant and swooning music video.

MAMAMOO's HWASA is riveting in 'I am a B' music video from second solo album Guilty Pleasure

The music video begins with Hwasa coming out of box full of water as seen in the teaser, and her opening a room full of dark. The scene then changes to Hwasa sitting in the center with people lying down around her and the music starts with sensuous lyrics, “Excuse you, I’m a B/ Who dares to adore me/ look all the way/ give me likes I’m kind of **right/ Is the world going crazy? / Bless you god /Bless you bro, sis I’ll give you mercy.”

The visuals in the overall video makes the track a powerful anthem which can very much be called as meeting the expectations the fans had from Hwasa. The dance moves and overall choreography seems to be flowy and rhythmic. Hwasa has done experiment with the dance break part when the track begins with the traditional music. The collaboration between modern and traditional makes the music video worth a watch.

Like everytime, the lyrics cannot get unnoticed. Despite the upbeat music the song lyrics is completely opposite. The lyrics go, “Life is so incredible Even if I go crazy My sin is beautiful, baby Life is now so terrible I can’t cry, even if I smile Excuse you, I’m a B.”

Talking about the concept, it won’t be wrong to say it really suited Hwasa’s personality. The vocals once again give thrills and chills throughout the song. The sets looked incredible and so the camera work, in the sense that gets longer shots and wide pans, making it look very subtle and follows the music.

‘I’m A B’ is co-written by Hwasa, who collaborated with in-house RBW Entertainment producer and frequent MAMAMOO collaborator Park Woo Sang. He had most notably worked with Hwasa on her previous solo material, including the singles ‘Twit’ and ‘Be Calm’.

Guilty Pleasure single album featuresthree new tracks – title track I’m A B, FOMO and Bless U, all three of which have been worked on by Park. Bless U also includes writing credits from Hwasa.

Guilty Pleasure is Hwasa’s second solo mini-album, follows her hit first mini-album María, which dropped over a year ago in June. That project featured a lead single of the same name, as well as her debut 2019 solo single ‘Twit’. Guilty Pleasure will also be Hwasa’s first solo release since she renewed her exclusive contract with RBW Entertainment earlier this year.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO made their return in September this year with the single ‘mumumumuch’, from their Greatest Hits album I Say MAMAMOO: The Best. The 23-track record also included 2021 versions of the quartet’s hits such as ‘I Miss You,’ ‘Piano Man’, and more, all of which had been re-recorded. As the four-member group, MAMAMOO celebrated seven years in the music industry last month, members of the group celebrated the occasion with an online concert with fans from around the world.

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