History is re-written at BO I am proud to be a part of it – Deepika

History is re-written at BO I am proud to be a part of it - Deepika

Why wasn't I surprised before I called Deepika Padukone on a Monday evening? A) – I knew her voice would be filled with laughter, excitement that's uncontrollable and B) – I knew she was ready to move on from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to Chennai Express. Moods can be contagious, and all it took was Padukone's super mood to pass on. In a jiffy, I was in the same boat and as excited to talk to her as she was. Sometimes, success demands a certain refined insanity. Everyone's going insane with the figures that are pouring in since YJHD released. But hey, don't go insane if you question Deepika – What are your vital stats? and she goes – 20, 21, 22 (crores). Success = Deepika Padukone = Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani = Box Office Insanity.

How many parties will you be a part of and how many will you throw? Fridays are just not the same, are they?
I know! What to do? I am back to work now but yes, Fridays are just not the same now. History has been re-written. We are all speechless and numb yaar!

You guys didn't see this Tsunami coming? Forget Rs. 12 to 15 crores, the first day was almost 20 cores.
Yes, you are right. We didn't see the tsunami coming. But I am now quoting you what I heard from people who know the business. This is not me. I was told we would do Rs. 15 crores and that would be very good or it could go to Rs. 18 crores which was outstanding. But it surpassed their predictions too. Now it looks like 20, 21 and 22 (laughs). But I am very uncomfortable discussing numbers but it's extremely overwhelming.

How can Ranbir Kapoor be so real? I mean, day before he was playing football opposite my office and here's a guy who has not only broken records; he has in ten films become a phenomenon.
That's the thing about Ranbir. It's your work that speaks for itself. Once he's done the film, the film is not in his hands. But yes, he does believe that he has made a good film with his presence and that's the confidence an actor should reflect.

Do you know? Fact – Senior citizens from Ahmedabad went for a morning show of YJHD in their group of some ten to twenty. Unbelievable how it's touched everyone, from children to oldies.
I am shocked! I mean, it's such an overwhelming feeling that I can't begin to explain. The amount of appreciation I have got, the film has got and everyone else has, it's unbelievable. I am still in a state of shock.

Has Ayan Mukerji come out of his unconsciousness?
(Laughs) I think Ayan is playing modest but somewhere you also feel that he's worked the hardest for this film. He deserves every bit of success that's pouring in right now. He accepted it, not accepted it, in shock, moved on, I have no idea what Ayan's state of mind is right now. Forget the numbers, the reviews are also positive.

Do you sometimes feel that you need to now break the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani record too?
Yea, of course. The child inside you wants that. We are all competitive. I am competitive with myself and there is this side to everyone else also. I gave my everything to YJHD and I have given my utmost best to Chennai Express too. I hope that Chennai Express does the same for me that YJHD did.

You owe a large chunk of success to Pritam too
Yes. Absolutely. When people begin to dissect the reason for this huge success story, a large part of the success is Pritam. Look at the music this man has given us. He's given us hit after hit after hit. Definitely, the music keeps the audiences excited. We are indebted to Pritam in more ways than just one. But collectively, everything has fallen in place at the right time for all of us.

The last time I met you I did wonder whether you'll be able to topple your previous best – Cocktail. You've done it with YJHD darling!
Thank you so much (laughs). I would want to believe so. If people think I have surpassed my previous best, so be it. All this definitely calls for celebrations. But before we all get carried away, it's time to look down and tread the path of yet another movie, yet another performance.

Any luxurious asset you are planning to buy after this success?
Like I said, this is just the beginning and now my next agenda is Chennai Express. That is a film I've worked really hard on. I hope the film brings me the same success like that of YJHD, if not more.

Has Shah Rukh Khan congratulated you on the success of YJHD?
I am just heading to meet Shah Rukh Khan as we speak.

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