What Shuddh Desi Romance taught us

What Shuddh Desi Romance taught us

The latest release, Shuddh Desi Romance featuring Parineeti Chopra, Sushant Singh Rajput and newcomer Vaani Kapoor, has opened to mixed reviews. In a day and age where live in relationships seem to be on the rise, YRF have come out with a film that is somewhat based on this concept. However while others decided to review the film Bollywood Hungama decided to take a different route and here's what we figured the movie tried to tell us…

1) It pays to be a 'paid barati' as your alternate profession. It really ensures quick money, food and even a gold chain (if you are really lucky!)

2) Shut all the washrooms during the wedding, as they may just become an easy escape route for the disinterested bride/ bridegroom.

3) If you try to smoke in order to impress your GF, it just doesn't take time for you to become a chain smoker yourself!

4) While in a live-in relationship, it's totally ok to call yourself as the girl's brother, in order to prevent the world from asking questions.

5) When a girl falls for you without any efforts, you make the girl run after you. And when the same girl leaves you, you run after her to bring her back!

6) Jo door hoti hai, uski kadar hoti hai. Jo paas hoti hai, woh toh chappal hoti hai

7) That Sushant Singh is luckier than anybody in Ramayan or Mahabharata, as nobody got a second chance like he did!

8) When the heart breaks for the third or the fourth time, it gets used to heartbreaks and hence makes no noise!

9) By placing a 'tikki' in a burger, it doesn't become a hamburger. It will still be called as a 'tikki burger' only!

10) Lastly, it's always advisable to maintain a 'safe side' in both, relationship as well as marriage!

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