What Dishkiyaoon taught us

What Dishkiyaoon taught us

Dishkiyaoon released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– That a reasonably well to do boy wound want to become a gangster 'bachpan se' without any real provocation

– That a businessman's daughter would strum guitar in private gatherings, seem eternally pensive and embrace togetherness of a gangster in the first meeting itself without any provocation

– That a gangster, who has been knitting a sinister plan for over four years, would spill it out to an absolutely stranger cell inmate without any provocation

– That on being refused a meeting with his protege, a gangster would pull out a gun on another gangster colleague without any provocation

– That a narrative can suddenly get into an entire money laundering exercise and a car chase (with blasts and somersaults alike) by Middle East cops can ensue without any provocation

– That a really sad and drag of a song can start playing in the background (during this expected-to-be high adrenalin chase) and only dilute the narrative without any provocation

– That a girl can really get on the nerves of a guy, begin to question a clear emergency business meeting and threaten to walk out on him without any provocation

– That a gangster would test a newbie by asking him to pull the trigger on himself with two guns without any provocation

– That in the middle of some truly dramatic and tense moments, some random snippets of mushy songs can be thrown in without any provocation

– That Shilpa Shetty can still give newbie girls much more than just a run for their money when it comes to flaunting her figure and giving those trademark tease expressions during item numbers

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