Deepika Padukone visits Satyajit Ray’s house

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Deepika Padukone is currently shooting in Kolkata for her upcoming film Piku.

The ace actor is mesmerized by the city and the old time charm it yet holds. Whenever she gets the time, she goes around exploring the city.

She has even been interacting with locals there to know more about the city.

Recently while she was shooting, a crew member shared with her how Satyajit Ray’s house is close by.

Deepika was keen to go visit the house of the renowned and skilled filmmaker and so she decided to go check it out.

Deepika a few years back got her own house in Mumbai and has closely looked into the making and interiors of her house.

According to Deepika, a house is a place which channelizes your energies and she was keen to see the place where he stayed.

Deepika visited his house and even though she could not go inside she spent some time in the premise.

She was there for 15 -20 minutes and clicked a few pictures there.

The houses are very different and she quite liked the vibe of the house.
Deepika’s spokesperson confirms and shares “Deepika is shooting in Kolkata and visited Satyajit Ray’s house. Even though she did not get a chance to visit inside she was glad to see the premise.”

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