Movie Preview Fredrick

Fredrick is a psychological suspense thriller that promises to keep its audience glued to their seats till the last frame.
Maanav is a strong, intelligent lad of sixteen who is much like any other kid his age and yet, very different in behaviour. Only one person in the world seems to understand Maanav like nobody else. It is with him that Maanav is most comfortable and completely connected, heart and soul. He is Fredrick.

For some reason Maanav's father disapproves his son's friendship with Fredrick. And one fateful day Maanav's only friend and soulmate is killed at the hands of his father. In a fit of anger and anguish Maanav kills his father and moves out to build a world of his own with his own set of rules.

The story cuts to a few years later where, in the breath taking landscape of beautiful snow-capped mountains and valleys of Mussoorie, a dark, unknown shadow has cast a web of human trafficking. Nobody has seen him and yet his very name instils fear in the hearts of people. The name is Fredrick.

Suspended IB agent Vikram (Avinash Dhyani) and his beautiful wife Amrita (Tulna) arrive in Mussoorie on a special mission. To unravel the mystery behind the human trafficking, the duo has planned to infiltrate the web by getting themselves entrapped in the sinister web.

Posing as normal tourists, they meet up with some people and land up at a private party. Vikram's drink is spiked. Amrita is kidnapped. Upon regaining consciousness, Vikram finds himself alone. All he has is a photograph of a girl. As his mind clears, Vikram realises that the girl in the photograph is his missing sister Shikha who he and Amrita had set out to find.
With the aid of a tracking device on Amrita's person, paired with his watch, Vikram's quest to find Amrita and his sister Shikha begins.

Every clue that he finds during his search, convinces Vikram that the disappearance of his wife and sister is somehow linked to Fredrick. So, who is Fredrick? Where is he? And what does he want? Does Vikram succeed? Does he find Amrita and Shikha? Are they alive or dead? Does he meet with the elusive Fredrick? How does it all end?
To find the answers and solve this mystery… watch Fredrick.

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