You Won’t Be Able To Tell These Doppelgängers Apart From Real Celebs

Turns out, for the price of $100,000, you can make a clone of your dog. Which makes you wonder: What would it cost to clone a person? Our guess is a hell of a lot more than any of us will ever have in our banking accounts. But luckily (or creepily), some celebs don’t have to think about extracting DNA or shelling out millions to replicate themselves, because their doppelgängers are already walking around IRL.

Click ahead to see Taylor 2.0, Selena’s double, the long lost Rihanna, Gigi’s other sister, and more celeb look-alikes. The resemblance is so uncanny, if they ever met, these duos could pull off some serious Parent Trap switch-ups.

Taylor Swift

The old Taylor might be dead, but her British twin is very much alive and well. Her name’s Laura Cadman, and with her propensity for a bright red lip and swoop-y blonde bangs, plus her Instagram feed sprinkled with pictures of cats, the college student from Manchester, England could easily pass as T. Swift’s twin.



Andele Lara, a beauty influencer and founder of the website Grow & Glow, was flying relatively under-the-radar until she collaborated with YouTube sensation Patrick Starr on a Fenty Beauty project — then fans started freaking out over the crazy Rihanna resemblance.


Selena Gomez

Selena and Sofia. Or, Sofia and Selena. Heck, we’re even getting confused switching between photos of Selena Gomez and 22-year-old Sofia Solares.


Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s mom, former model and RHOBH star Yolanda Foster, is from the small Dutch town of Papendrecht in The Netherlands, so it kind of makes sense that Gigi’s doppelgänger hails from there, too. Iza Ijzerman is a Dutch blogger with the same long, bright blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and full, slightly-agape lips — even her tinted sunglasses have “Gigi” written all over them.


Ariana Grande

We thought we could place that high and tight half pony anywhere, but maybe not — because this is not Ariana Grande. It’s actually former Miss Teenage California Alexxa Morgan, who looks likes a carbon copy of the pint-sized pop princess.


Lady Gaga

“If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga, I’d be V rich,” 18-year-old Amethyst Rose writes in her Instagram bio of the Gaga comparisons she gets on the reg.


Kim Kardashian

Sonia Ali and her sister Fyza have garnered a pretty impressive following in part because they’re dead ringers for Kim and Kylie. Sonia looks exactly like Kim, but she told us in a recent interview that she’s not trying to curate her look for fame — it’s just in her blood. “My grandmother looked like Kim before Kim looked like Kim,” she said.


Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo’s ripped and doesn’t age, and 28-year-old Janice Garay is a bodybuilder from Texas with the same caramel-colored hair and iconic “J.Lo Glow,” so it makes sense that people might get the two confused.


Emma Watson

Also from the U.K., Meghan Flockhart not only looks, but likely sounds, just like Emma Watson.


Katy Perry

Putting the shark in the shot is just adding fuel to the firestorm of Katy Perry comparisons. Per Francesca Brown’s Instagram bio, the resemblance is so uncanny that the actress/presenter is currently playing Katy Perry in Legends In Concert.


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