Minister Gary Hargrave Of Hargrave Ministries Shares Benefits Of Supporting Hargrave Ministries and IDF Widows and Orphans Organization During Passover

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Passover is a highly-celebrated Jewish event that recalled a time where the Israelites were spared from the plagues mentioned in the Book of Exodus. From the term itself, the Jews were “passed over” from the numerous plagues that the Egyptians experienced during the time of Moses, more notably the death of the firstborn sons in the family. The Passover is a remembrance of God’s protection and guidance for the Jews, through all these accounts mentioned in the Torah.

This historical moment is celebrated this year from March 27-April 4 for 2021, beginning with a meal called Seder as well as reading from the book of Haggadah. Aside from the rituals, this is a season to reflect on the values of thankfulness and helping others who are in need.

In light of the upcoming Passover season, Minister Gary Hargrave of Hargrave Ministries would like to extend acts of gratitude by blessing an Israeli charity called IDF Widows and Orphans Organization. IDF aims to help the families of the fallen soldiers in Israel, providing financial support for their daily needs.

Minister Gary Hargrave desires to elaborate on the benefits of supporting Hargrave Ministries and the charities they are partnered with especially during the Passover season.

Taking a Role In the Prophetic Message In God’s Kingdom

Israel plays a crucial role in the prophetic message not just for Jews, but also for those in the Christian faith. If it is in your heart to take part in furthering God’s Kingdom on earth, supporting the widows and orphans of Israel through IDF is one great way of creating a big impact.

In many historical accounts, it is clear that the Jews are God’s chosen people especially from the Book of Torah. Having a heart for God’s chosen nation and people means that you also desire to expand His Kingdom, taking part in fulfilling a prophecy.

An Active Way to Celebrate Gratefulness In Passover

Whether a Jew or non-Jew, there’s always a way to celebrate special events with gratefulness in our hearts. Thankfulness can be celebrated by giving back to others who desperately need it. By supporting Hargrave Ministries, you also get to support the most vulnerable individuals.


All children need a parental figure that they can rely on for all their needs. Children who are orphaned because of war, calamities, and other causes are often disadvantaged financially with lesser opportunities to thrive. By supporting IDF during the Passover season, you can keep these orphans in your hearts as you impart the blessings you have.

Widows and Widowers:

Many military families in Israel rely on one income. When a soldier dies in combat, these widows and widowers are often left penniless. Supporting them means supporting their families to live for another day.

By giving help directly to those who need it, we get to alleviate these individuals’ suffering, helping them to achieve a steadier state in life.

Promoting Unity and Understanding Between Jews and Christians

Hargrave Ministries is partnered with AMI Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research. The mission of AMI Jerusalem is to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians, and for both parties to fully understand their role in God’s Kingdom.

Whether you’re a Christian or a Jew, supporting the ministry during the Passover is a great way to promote unity and understanding especially during tumultuous times. Although the ministry mainly supports projects that are related to Israeli charities, the bigger picture to understand is the role of these people not just for the Jewish population but also for the Christian people as well.

Providing Liberation for Those Who Are In Need

The Passover is also a remembrance not just of thankfulness to the Lord, but also a reminder of God’s power to liberate. When we support ministries and charities during the Passover season, we give, in some way, other people the freedom they need. There is freedom found in many ways:

Financial insecurity:

The lack of resources for many individuals can bring them in deep despair, unhealthy bodies, and even the temptation to commit crimes. By supporting charities that answer the deepest calls for financial need, we can make a difference for those who are experiencing financial insecurity.

Rehoming and fostering:

Many orphans are also in need of funds so that they can continue with their process of finding foster parents or staying in orphanages in the process of adoption. Living expenses and the process of bringing orphans in a safe and loving home can take up financial toll as well.

By doing our part in liberating others in their difficulties, we are reminded of how God has liberated the Jews during the very first Passover, and those who are believers from their sin.

Loving God, Loving His People

As we reflect on the coming Passover, may we be reminded that the way we love God is also the way we love His people. The benefits of supporting ministries that further God’s Kingdom is a great way to celebrate the Passover traditions.

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