Love is in the air

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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The times of highest romanticism seem to knock the Indian subcontinent much ahead of the amatory monsoons. With politician’s wives suddenly falling from skies, a few decade younger girlfriend emerging out with ‘selfies’, international porn stars stripping their dresses out on our rustic Indian highways, India couldn’t have had a better romantic weather.

Anthropologists, climatologists, psychologists, or for that matter any other ‘logists’ who propagate themselves as the proprietors of the logical thinking, have always referred the monsoons as the brooding season for love. And why not! As soon as the first drop of rain hits this land, the piece of land which would have been declared ‘barren’ and ‘of no agricultural use’ by our ‘businessmen-politician’ lobby, turns green. Deep green sometimes! The trees which we often trespass by the roadside and parks, suddenly turn greener. They start dancing in the rhythm with the beats of the falling droplets. And suddenly it appears that a million of grasshoppers, cuckoos, sparrows and parrots just migrated into the city, singing and enjoying all over the sky, as if they were saying – Love is in the air. It is certain that the ‘total life count’ increases in this part of world during monsoons. Maybe that’s why the frequency of advertisements of condoms rise-up during the season. Well, that’s a proof that we humans too turn red and blue with the rains.

But this year ought to appear a bit different. As per our extremely precise Indian Meteorological Department, this year may get a deficient monsoon due to the complex ‘El-Nino’ effect which those foolish grasses, trees, insects and birds hardly understand. It’s only we – the smart species of earth, who have turned even smarter with a smart-phone now-a-days, can understand this complex weather phenomenon and feel pity on those unaware happy animals. So, this year, we are going to have a deficient rainfall. Which means, we will find less romanticism in the air this year! Because we too are natural animals, just like those birds and trees, we too have a heart, which loves to love; but this ‘El-Nino’ is going to deoxidize our hearts this time.

So, now it’s a challenge with our minds to beat up this nature, and sway our hearts towards the pleasant feeling of love. So now, we devise something called as ‘global warming’ which apparently means we are superior to nature and we can change the way nature behaves. But is it true? Are we superior to nature? Can we manipulate it? Well, it sounds a bit weird, but the recent expose of an unforgettable love story of the Indian National Congress’s senior leader, in this scorching summer, proves the statement correct. Global warming is there. And one of the reasons behind this global warming is obviously THE LOKSABHA ELECTIONS-2014.

The elections are the sixth season in India. Not to forget – ‘Paanchwa Mausam Pyar’ which was discovered by our bollywood climatologists a few decades ago! And this sixth season appears to surpass all the chronological routines of nature. The elections 2014 suddenly converted an age old bachelor into a decade old married man. The elections 2014 converted an old widower into a committed lover; the Gandhi cousins (varun, Priyanka & Rahul) who hardly used to bother each other, aren’t finding themselves easy to overlook their relationships. The politicians who were enjoying ‘Kapil Sharma comedy night’ during the time of communal riots in Uttar Pradesh, suddenly turn-up with ‘White Namaaz-caps’ as if they never loved anything else than the Muslims. The Aam Aadmi Party which is in the ‘election mode’ for a year now, are finding it hard to stick to a single beloved, sometimes they say – they love Aam Aadmi, sometimes they say – they don’t love rich businessmen, sometimes  they hate congress, sometimes they love congress, sometimes they get hated by Anna Hazare, sometimes they get loved by him, sometimes they become chief ministers and sometimes they get slapped! Not surprisingly, this fragrance of love hasn’t been limited to the political arena itself. Through the pores in the air-conditioners, it has made its way right to the highly decorated government offices of Army chiefs, chief justices and Lokpal; on the eve of elections, the present government suddenly realized its responsibility to express their feeling of love with the high ranked officials by appointing them to these key posts as soon as possible.

Notwithstanding, any route moving towards New Delhi, our ‘Bollywood masala’ too is in its highest mood to celebrate this season of love. The ‘baby doll’ who recently declared that she was made of gold and the rest of the world with copper (baby doll main sone di, ye dunia pittal di) proved her make by publicly showing her torso* (*IN INDIA); and we Indians who once found it hard enough to accept a rape victim in our society, are discovering a new superstar in the making this season. Well, going by the laws of ‘global village’ in this highly interconnected world, it won’t be a matter of surprise if we see our Sunny leone posing bare with a mark on her nails saying –vote for India; and it hardly matters whether the lady in the banners holds an Indian voter card or not!

Meanwhile, as the relationship of love between Mr Modi and the businessmen are quite public for decade, the SENSEX too is taking some small hiccups of joy as the D-Day of this election is approaching.

All in all, it’s the season of love which has clouded our politicians, businessmen, Bollywood, economy and every other sector of our society what we relate ourselves to; except the these pitiful trees, grasses, rivers and birds which still hope for a bountiful monsoon so that they can rejoice and scream out their presence in this ‘global warmed’ world.

And for rest of us – the aam aadmi! We are more concerned about our ‘Whatsapp’ activities and the expected reduced price of Alphonso mangoes this season, which we rarely got a chance to taste till day. And about the love part – yes! We do love watching these love stories on our ‘idiot boxes’ and share it on our ‘smart phones’.

Abki baar… Sirf Pyar!

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