Pinterest’s Power Players: Who You Need To Follow

Remember the days of “Are you on Facebook?” and “Do you do Tweet?” Nowadays, it’s all “Are you on Pinterest?” You’ve heard the obsessive chatter about the social media tool and insane time-suck, Pinterest, and how it’s making addicts of the image-obsessed.

Hello. My name is Dree. And I like to pin. I used to clutter my desk (and other parts of my home) with magazine tearsheets and make a mess of my computer desktop with piles of images collected in random folders. So, finding Pinterest was like a dreamy escape to not only organize my inspirations from the web but also collect (repin) images from other Pinners. To help you find that same feeling of blissed out inspiration, I’ve rounded up the top 10 Pinners on the genius site, plus the lessons you need to learn from them.

Christine Martinez — Christine Martinez, the ultra-creative and infectiously funny blogger of Miles to Style is the buzz on campus with nearly a million followers under her stylish belt. Her sidekick, Miles, a precious pooch worthy of star status, gives Martinez’s boards and fashionable point of view a playful quality. Her penchant for pretty and practical things (see Dog Friendly and Desirable Dresses) is cleverly balanced with whimsy woven throughout.

Pro Tip: Pin like a pro — select images with white backgrounds and opt for larger-sized pictures so viewers are enticed to browse your collections. Martinez’s Wearable Wants and Presents for Poochesare prime examples.


Jeanne / Shop Sweet Things — Jeanne is our kind of girl. She loves fashion and she loves to shop! The stylish San Francisco-based blogger and mother is a selective Pinner, curating only the most gorgeous from her countless Internet shopping sources. While it’s easy to become inspired by her love for all thingspretty and sweet, it’s mainly the theme of organization in daily living that has Pinners seeking her boards for pure motivation. The woman who chooses to do it all and does it well? That’s her.

Pro Tip: Gather pins that inspire you to live the life you want to live! Jeanne’s boards EntertainingNeat & Tidy, and Thoughts and Words are more than a collage of images. They’re encouraging stimuli to kick some serious butt.


Inge Falappino — A DIY lover with an unapologetic lust for collecting and a huge following to boot, Falappino’s 71 boards with over 20,000 pins will have you repinning for hours. From DIY Jewelry to ideas for Kiddo Parties, there’s something fun and creative for everyone to explore.

Pro Tip: If you’re keen on throwing parties or like to craft with your kiddos, set up boards that are quick and inspirational how-tos like Falappino’s Party Table Decor or Paper Cone Ideas. Activities become organized and focused and the pinning world will gratefully benefit.


Amy Sia — Society6 textile print designer Amy Sia is a Pinner’s dreamiest discovery, with boards of visual inspiration on serious overdrive. Sia’s content overflows with eye-catching prints and patterns as well as riveting style images that will have you wanting to escape into her world on a regular basis.Organic shapes and vivid hues are plentiful and the experience of seeing through the eyes of an artist is food for the soul.

Pro Tip: Share your passion for certain prints, patterns and colors and let the masses enjoy your collection. Finding Sia’s Scarf and Photographic Print boards sent me into a repinning frenzy!


Luce de Luce — Take a cue from this chic French woman and see the beauty in the simple and natural. Whether it’s the way the light hits Beautiful Skin or the effortless style of a good Haircut, Luce de Luce’s way of seeing things is of another world.

Pro Tip: Start a Smile Therapy or Ocean Therapy board like hers and you’ll start to understand why French women exude that easy, relaxed glamour.


I’m Revolting — Urban icon and cult-favorite blogger of I’m Revolting, “SW” keeps not only her (at least I think it’s a her) identity mysterious but her pins as well. Although her boards are few, the content is genius and thought-provoking with hundreds of images in each category that both inspire and well, revolt.

Pro Tip: Fill your boards with intriguing and unusual pins that have yet to be circulated and watch people repin at an astonishing rate. Check out I’m Revolting’s Wear and Things and the commentary within and you’ll understand the cult status of this alluring Pinner.


Maia McDonald — A graphic designer for by day and a lifestyle blogger, atConundrum, by night, Maia McDonald uses Pinterest as a creative outlet to expand on her many interests outside of work. She’s an avid Pinner, pulling pins of everyday interest (check out her food boards: Pizza & TartsPasta, and Breakfast) from the web and not only motivating others to do the same but setting the trend for keeping things energetic, lively and fun.

Pro Tip: Don’t just use Pinterest’s example boards —pin and repin specific interests like Maia’s “Smitten with Bicycles” and “Etsy Love.” Expand on your curious delights and you’ll be surprised at how many people are out there loving the same things.


Jessica Colaluca — As creator and writer of the blog Design Seeds, Jessica Colaluca’s Pinterest page is chock-full of intriguing design. Entering this artist’s colorful world of pins is like getting an education in design with a major in spirited hues. Boards exhibiting color infatuation like Color CoutureNature’s Harvest, and A Door Color are beautifully presented and uplifting in the best way possible.

Pro Tip: Can’t think of a way to round up random pins that inspire you? Color code them like Jessica’s Shades of Blue and The New Green.


PaperFashion — Fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers of is a Pinner you want to follow and, well, have as a friend if the fates so kindly allow. With an eye for intricate detail as well as an obvious obsession with color (see Neon Love), Katie’s boards make pinning a joy. Her tastemaker qualities and amazing illustrations give Pinners killer material to pin and have made her a force all her own.

Pro Tip: Welcome the bright and beautiful onto your boards like Katie’s Color Love and Floral Loveand you’ll quickly see why this Pinner has the vibe of happy all around her.


Refinery29 — It’s no secret companies and publications are quickly discovering the power of Pinterest and the style-obsessed staff of the site you’re currently reading is devotedly pinning with daily doses of highlights from their juiciest stories to under-the-radar favorites floating around the office. Expect to see curated finds you won’t see on the main site which keeps many of us giddy with anticipation. It’s like having your best girlfriends share their current obsessions in one happy meeting place. You won’t want to leave, trust me.

Pro Tip: If you’re a blogger or own a business, consider Pinterest as a seeding tool to let your audience in on what’s going on behind the scenes. Give your viewers content that they haven’t seen on your site, whether it’s pins that convey your tastes or stylish peeps you draw inspiration from like Refinery’s Eye Candy and Street Style.


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