The Best Spring Shoe Trends For Every Sign

If there’s one advantage to winter, it’s that the weather tends to dictate your style choices. Meaning, you don’t have to toil away wondering if you should go with the little black boots or the little black boots. But as soon as those temperatures start to rise, we’re open to a world of choice. Think: satin slides to show off your latest pedicure hue, tropical-splashed sneakers that won’t get ruined in the snow, pearl-bedazzled espadrilles that work for day and night, plus a parade of other trendy possibilities. At this rate, even the most decisive folks would shudder to choose just one.

That’s why we’re offering a little guidance à la your zodiac sign. We teamed with one of Instagram’s resident astrology experts, @cancer__mood, to break down the style preferences of each sign and match them with an on-point new arrival from Kenneth Cole. Whether that’s a studded sandal for a badass Scorpio or a sleek mule for smart and stylish Virgos, see the 12 spot-on pairs that are cosmically aligned ahead.


Aries are famous for their passion, energy, and hot tempers. They’re the life of the party — as long as nobody pisses them off. Aries also like to be quick on their feet and hate getting slowed down by anything — even shoelaces. An easy slide in a firey color should be an Aries staple.

Kenneth Cole, $99, available at Kenneth Cole


While they often get a bad rep for being materialistic, Tauruses simply appreciate the finer things in life. They’ve got Champagne taste and love anything well-crafted, elegant, or — to be frank — expensive looking. A sandal with a timeless silhouette in a luxe lavender hue is sure to be their go-to.

Kenneth Cole, $79, available at Kenneth Cole


Vibrant Geminis aren’t afraid to take a fashion risk. Or any risk, for that matter. In fact, you pretty much never know what a Gemini will do or wear. There’s simply no pinning down this fast-moving, high-energy sign. That’s why they need a sneaker that’s versatile enough to be dressed up or down. The tropical, eye-catching pattern is also a plus — it’ll catch a Gemini’s precious attention.

Kenneth Cole, $125, available at Kenneth Cole


As the “girliest” of all the signs, Cancers are tickled by classically high-femme touches. They also crave comfort, stability, and softness. A walkable wedge with pearl accents and a sturdy ankle strap? Perfect.

Kenneth Cole, $160, available at Kenneth Cole


Leos will be the first ones to tell you that they’re the most extra sign in the zodiac. They’re the friend who pairs vintage fur with body glitter and wears it to your very casual brunch. They want to stun, stand out, and rake in the compliments (seriously, you’d better notice their outfit). Naturally, a shoe that pairs a hot-pink hue with studded pearls is all Leo.

Kenneth Cole, $59, available at Kenneth Cole


Go ahead and call a Virgo a bossy overachiever; they’ll take it as a compliment! This high-functioning sign is known for their attention to detail, which means they are both natural teachers and excellent dressers. Their accessories will always be the star of the show. This open-back mule is smart and stylish — just like a Virgo.

Kenneth Cole, $130, available at Kenneth Cole


Libras hold the honor of being the most charming of all the signs. They’re the ones that can flirt their way into anything they want — be it a round of drinks on the house or an extra 10% off their purchase. And since this graceful sign also has balance on their side (they’re represented by the scale, after all), they can handle a statement heel that’s as fab as they are.

Kenneth Cole New York, $195, available at Kenneth Cole


Scorpios are famous — notorious, even — for their smoldering, sexy vibes. They’re also the zodiac’s resident badasses, and their fashion choices tend to reflect that (think: leather, studs, and a black-and-white palette). These cool, silver-accented sandals are definitely Scorpio-approved.

Kenneth Cole, $130, available at Kenneth Cole


Think about the Sagittariuses in your life. Most likely, these are the folks that are truly up for anything — whether it be a spontaneous weekend getaway or an after after-party. They crave fun, adventure, and freedom and need a stylish shoe that can keep up wherever they travel next. No heels for a Sag; it’s all about comfort and mobility.

Kenneth Cole, $140, available at Kenneth Cole


Your Capricorn friend will never be the one who slows you down because they wore the wrong footwear. Instead, this practical sign will take great care to choose a shoe that’s as practical as they are. That said, they’re not interested in sacrificing style for functionality. While they aren’t ones for flashy prints, they do love anything minimalistic, high-design, or eternally cool.

Kenneth Cole, $125, available at Kenneth Cole


As the lovable weirdos of the zodiac, Aquarians seem loosely tethered to Earth. Fiercely curious, independent, and intrepid, they often give off the vibe that they’re just stopping by our planet as part of an interstellar journey. It stands to reason, then, that they should get a shiny, space-age pump with a sky-high heel.

Kenneth Cole, $150, available at Kenneth Cole


Dreamy, creative Pisces are the mermaids of the zodiac. They love to float blissfully through life, like their namesake fish in a stream. But don’t be fooled by their languid ways; they also love a good party with loud, thumping music and lots of dancing. That’s why they need a slide that’s as elegant as they are, which can transition from the beach or pool to a night out.

Kenneth Cole, $150, available at Kenneth Cole

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