We Hatch Up The Most Fashionable Easter Eggs

Whether you’re spending the weekend at home with family or in the company with friends for the first rooftop brunch of the season, the Easter weekend offers a cozy, communal vibe we always look forward to.

While we might be too old to go on an egg roll, we do enjoy gathering all our fellow DIY-ers together and getting our Picasso on with a carton of eggs. This year, the R29 staff went to town on a basketful, and came up with a few fashion-inspired designs that rival omelets as our favorite use of the egg.

The eggs assembled all together, in all their high-design glory.


A swirling, Prada-inspired pattern. 


Leftover stars from our Rodarte DIY, repurposed on an egg!


Smile, Karl! We love this fash mag egg.


Pastel feathers. So ethereal.


A pyramid-studded egg. 


Rhinestone eyebrows, inspired by Chanel.


Who wants some CDG Play?


A massive R29-dedicated ostrich egg.


Neon paint-dripped designs.

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