Shape Up — Your Brows, That Is

As the gorgeous Arizona Muse demonstrates, it’s totally possible to have your eyebrows be your best (and most striking) feature. When done correctly, a strong, defined brow can frame your face and enhance your eyes — even when you’re wearing little to no makeup. The problem is, it can be tough to figure out the best brow for your exact face shape. While Ms. Muse totally rocks the thick, straight brow look, this may not be the best option if you have a rounder face, for example. 

To help you find the best eyebrow shape for your visage (and how to create and maintain the look), we reached out to none other than the Queen of Brows herself, Anastasia, who shared her best secrets for getting those perfect arches. Read on to get all of her tips, plus product suggestions to help you create your best brow look at home. 

What’s the best way for women to determine their ideal brow shape? 
“[Women should] work with their bone structure. By following the shape along the brow bone, you can sculpt the perfect arch for your face.”   

What’s an easy at-home way for a non-pro to determine the best shape for her face? 
“Using my patented Stencils will help you determine the ideal brow shape for your face, and take all the guesswork out of where to tweeze! They create eyebrows that will add balance and proportion to your features and enhance your natural beauty.” 

Are there any ways to fake a suitable shape if you aren’t blessed with it? 
“Fill in your stencil with my Brow Powder Duo for a smudge-resistant brow that adds depth, dimension, and natural drama. It easily defines your brows and features both a light and dark shade for perfect color matching.” 

We’re always hearing that bigger is better when it comes to brows, but would you say it’s always best to err on the side of fuller? 
“Besides being simply fashionable, a fuller brow helps to add balance and proportion to the face, making for a youthful look that can be amped up with extra drama, or toned down for a soft, natural finish.” 

What products do women need to maintain good brows? 
“A good pair of tweezers with a slanted tip that gives you the ability to tweeze even the finest hairs and keep unruly brows in check. My Brow Wiz is wonderful for filling in sparse areas of the eyebrows, and can also create a perfect arch in an instant. Use the spooley brush on Brow Wiz to brush your brows up from bottom to top, and draw a line with the pencil along where the hair starts on the bottom of your brow.  Brush your hair down in the opposite direction and draw another line over the top of your arch.  Blend with the spooley brush to create perfectly symmetrical brows every time. A clear brow gel is the easiest and fastest way to set your makeup and define your brows all day. Even if you don’t apply any brow color, a clear gel creates instantly defined and polished-looking brows to pull any look together. I couldn’t live without it.”

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