Presenting…Refinery29’s Awkward Family Photos

Hopefully, you’re with your family today, getting to do fun family things. Whether that involves fighting with your siblings or getting takeout with your parents, you know you love your unique brood. To celebrate our loved ones and all of their quirks, we’re giving you a look at our own awkward family photos

From poolside shots to Sears-style portraits, check outnine of the many reasons we adore our families.


“My teenage self is clearly trying to pretend what’s happening is not happening. (If you close your eyes and imagine you’re at a Nirvana concert, you can totally transport yourself out of a bad situation.)”
—Piera Gelardi, creative director

Photo: Courtesy of Piera Gelardi


“Our family goes on a spring-break-type vacation every December — and we always try to get a good photo in. This one was from 2010 in sunny Cabo, Mexico. Just out of frame? A bunch of high school boys and their beer bongs. Happy holidays!”
—Connie Wang, global editor

Photo: Courtesy of Connie Wang


“My sis and I are total ’80’s kids. If the scrunchies and moon boots aren’t a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is.”
—Isabel Cafaro, executive assistant

Photo: Courtesy of Isabel Cafaro


“My poor mother. Every year, all she asks for is a nice family Christmas. But every year, Dad and I couldn’t help but thwart her plans. In 2005, this was the result. It’s the worst photo, but it makes me remember his goofy sense of humor — which is truly the gift that keeps on giving. (P.S. Though the photo may suggest otherwise, we’re both completely sober, here.)” 
Annie Tomlin, beauty director

Photo: Courtesy of Annie Tomlin


“After making fun of other people’s holiday-card pictures, we decided to stage our own version a few years ago. I know, my family is WEIRD and veryspecial.”
—Chloe Daley, editorial production assistant

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe Daley


—Annie Georgia Greenberg, New York editor

Photo: Courtesy of Annie Georgia Greenberg


“The difference between me and my sister? Give me a rocking horse and I’m set. She, on the other hand, requires a tutu, a doll, and an umbrella (inside the house, no less)”
—Andrew Abshere, director of product management 

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Abshere


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