Basic Training: Black Tights That Never Rip

There are two types of women: those who don’t wear tights, and those who obsess over tights. For anyone who can’t bear to part with their dresses and skirts during the wintertime, a solid pair of black tights are as essential as water. 

But, not every pair is created equal. After so many rips, runs, and loose waistbands, our editors have found the ones that work for them. Behold — the definitive guide to opaque, indestructible, glorious black tights.


Uniqlo Heattech

“I initially bought the Uniqlo Heattech tights in an attempt to stay warm because I refuse to give up skirts and shorts in the winter. But, what surprised me most was how perfectly opaque, soft, and comfortable they are. Even after over a year, my first pair haven’t lost its stretch, caught a pull, or worn out.” — Gina Marinelli, assistant editor 

“For black tights that don’t break the bank, Uniqlo’s are the way to go. Plus, they aren’t too thick but will still keep your gams nice and toasty.” — Diana Nguyen, top editor 

Uniqlo Women Heattech Tights, $12.90, available at Uniqlo



“I only wear Spanx. I actually size up because I’m not that into the whole compression quality of the tights, but my single pair have survived me for two whole winters (I’m onto my third now) without nary a tear. They’re magical. Any other pair would resemble a shredded, permed wig by now.” — Connie Wang, global editor 

“I, too, swear by these — the tight-end reversible pairs are the best. Two for the price of one? Can’t get much better!” — Sarah St. Lifer, Los Angeles editorial assistant 

Spanx Reversible Tights, $34, available at Spanx.



“These are the best tights in the entire world. Commandos are perfectly opaque, and the waist goes all the way up to your rib cage, so it sorta works like Spanx, but without squeezing you in and making you feel sad and uncomfortable all day. Plus, the ultra-high waistband means these don’t dig into my middle and make my tummy hurt — which is my chief complaint with my other favorite brand of tights, Fogal (although, those are so soft and feel so luxe, sometimes it’s worth it).” — Neha Gandhi, deputy editor 

Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte TIghts, $34, available at Commando.



“I heart the tights from H&M! Why? They are dark, thick, cheap, and last! No crazy weird runs that normally happen with cheapies! These also come in various deniers, or grades of thickness. Love.” — Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor 

H&M 200 Denier Tights, $9.95, available at H&M.


American Apparel

“I can’t say that they never get holes, but it does seem to happen less than with other brands in this price range. Plus, the level of stretch is just enough to keep them in place while still being quite comfortable.” — Lexi Nisita, associate community editor

American Apparel Super Opaque Tight, $25, available at American Apparel.



“I love DKNY tights of all shades. They are comfy, long-lasting, and magically resistant to snags and pilling. That said, I’m tough on my tights, and when I do finally get a run in these, I don’t mind buying another pair, because they’re very well-priced for the quality.” — Kelsey Miller, seo editor 

“I’m a big fan of DKNY matte black tights with a little control top.” — Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief 

DKNY Control Top Tight, $15, available at DKNY.



“The thing about tights is that you really get what you pay for, and while Wolfords are expensive, they last an entire winter for me (which, for a person with a cat, is saying a lot). The other thing is they just look luxe. Not only are they warmer than regular tights, but they are just thick and soft.” — Leila Brillson, global news editor 

“I’m from hot ol’ Florida, so tights do NOT feel natural to me — my legs feel like they’re being suffocated. That said, if I absolutely must don a pair (for fear of frostbite or total inappropriateness), my go-to is Wolford’s matte opaque version in black.” — Jessica Teves, managing editor 

Wolford Matte Opaque Tights, $52, available at Barneys.

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