Aesthetics at its best

Eclectic, intelligent and artistic — Sabyasachi Mukherjee was in town recently for a cause.

What is fashion as per you?
It is luxury for few and aspirations for masses.

If not a Fashion Designer, you would have been a…
Social commentator and that’s what I usually do.

If you had the option to go back in time, which era or period would you like to go back to and why?
1920’s. It was the time when fashion was daring. Women liberalised themselves in flapper look. There was glamour with attitude around this time.

The biggest fashion faux-pas that you ever committed…
Perennial fashion faux pas would be fusion of Indian clothes with western outfits.

Why do you think most fashion designers are gay?
It is a generic perception about designers. But you see most of these designers understand women better and make beautiful clothes for them, whereas they are terrible with menswear.

Fashion’s most horrendous/beautiful creation ever?
Horrendous would be Mutton sleeves and beautiful is 1950’s Dirndl skirt, which keeps on coming in fashion time after time.

Who as per you is the most fashionable Bollywood Star and who is a disaster?
There is no ‘one’ fashionable star in Bollywood industry. They have all derivated fashion sensibilities. Disaster would be Rakhi Sawant, but I personally like her. She is India’s equivalent to Madonna, she has made herself a star out of nothing.

Your comment on the Indian Fashion Industry vis-a-vis the Global Fashion Industry.
Indian fashion industry should consolidate. This is the time to seize the day. And when the whole nation is going through this nationalism and patriotic phase, designers too should also design Indian clothes. Globally the design houses shouldn’t make fashion so commercialised. There should be single fashion week showcasing all the designers. It’s criminal to play with consumer’s psyche and change the fashion after every six months.

If you could abolish one garment from a man/woman’s wardrobe, what would it be?
Tie for man and corset for woman.

What are the must-haves for this season’s fashionable look.
Only wit.That’s what one needs to have to be stylish.

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