Aamir is a Himesh fan, and Himesh can’t stop giggling

Far off in Palanpur where Himesh Reshammiya is shooting for John Mathew’s A New Love Issshtory the musician-actor can’t believe what he has heard. At a press conference on Thursday, Aamir Khan went out of his way to praise Himesh calling him a master of marketing. “So much so that wherever and whenever I see a topi, I think of Himesh,” said Aamir. Though a lot of people felt Aamir was being ironical, Himesh of course chooses to take the seeming compliments on their face value. “I am a huge fan of Mr Aamir Khan. He’s a legend. And what a coincidence that I’m shooting for a film where I play a tapori who’s a big fan of Aamir Khan. The role is inspired by Mr. Khan’s in Rangeela.

In fact my director is John Mathew who directed Mr. Khan in Sarfarosh. Both of us just can’t stop talking about him.” Himesh’s exuberance apart, many people feel Aamir was actually making a sarcastic point, praising Himesh for his marketing strategy at a time when it (the strategy) seems to have collapsed. “Or did Aamir praise Himesh because Himesh is playing a role inspired by Aamir?” asked one of Aamir’s co-stars. Says Himesh, “If Mr. Khan has spoken so well about me, I won’t even think of questioning it. I take his words as a big compliment. . I’ve been hearing some terrific stories about Mr. Khan’s dedication from John Matthew. I must say he’s very very inspiring.”

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