Easy, Pretty Hair For Summer’s Final Days

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been getting really excited about the autumn days ahead. But, while we gleefully line up our dark lipsticks and woodsy flannels, one fact remains: We’re still in the dog days of summer. Just because we’re not talking about August and all of its hot, humid miseries isn’t going to make it go away any faster (we tried). And, you know what else isn’t going away? Our summer hair woes. At this point, they’re just getting worse.

So, we went on the hunt for the easiest ways to deal with our hair that actually look cool, not desperate — though we might feel that way, no one needs to know. 

Scroll through for our favorite looks to end the summer on the right note — free of sweat and frizz, and full of style.

Photographed by Janelle Jones

This fancy pony is actually super easy. Make a soft middle part, divide your hair in half, and then do a two-part twist on each side before tying them together at the base of your neck. It doesn’t have to be perfect — if anything, some loose tendrils make it more chic. The humidity will definitely help you out with that.

Photographed by Dan McMahon

Can’t bare to have any locks touching your face whatsoever? The hair around this rad chignon goes directly back, and safely away from a sweaty face. For extra volume, tease the front section of hair and smooth out the top layer.

Photo: MCV Photo

If you haven’t learned the fishtail braid yet, now’s the time. And why do just one when you can do two?

Photo: MCV Photo

Pigtails are finally chic again. Fasten them right past your ear, and be sure to add a frizz-control or straightening serum to get this sleek look.

Photo: MCV Photo

An inside-out French braid is a cool twist on an old standard that’s easy to master and looks awesome. If you don’t want the braid to rest on your neck, pin it under into an easy chignon.

Photo: MCV Photo

A half-up style will keep the heaviness away from your face, but you can still rock those summertime beach waves. Keep your part instead of pushing it all back for a soft, romantic vibe.

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh

Of course, you could always just chop it all off. This crop is particularly ideal for hot weather because nothing keeps hair off the face like a well-trained side bang. Plus, there’s little to no styling involved with hair this short — depending on your texture, you might be able to get away with letting it air dry and using a drop of pomade.

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