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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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As the summer heat threatens to stage an intervention in our cool weather wardrobes, it’s time to draw up a fresh list of must-haves. And whether it’s recession fears or plain fun, the fash frat has zoned in on an eclectic list for summer.

Jumpsuits: You may not be a fan of the all-in-one blast from the past, but the 1960’s jumpsuit is back and better than ever before. Playing coy in fabrics like satin and lace, you can wear one out to a night at the movies. Designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil are dressing the trend in a mix of funky and fab with their Buddha print jumpsuit dresses in luxurious fabrics like double-faced satin. For a more robust version to wear during the day, opt for a cotton or linen piece. But don’t pair the jumpsuit with sneakers.. unless you want to look like an out-of-work janitor. Thong sandals or delicate strappy stilettos help balance out the chunky look of the jumpsuit.

Plaid: Checks and gingham didn’t look this good since Dorothy took flight in the Wizard of Oz. The trend that made a big appearance during winter can be given a chic summer turn when styled into business shirts or roomy trousers. And the best part is that the trend is unisex.. so you and your boyfriend can swap clothes. Shayal Seth, freelance stylist who’s worked with MTV and Zoom, loves using plaid in demure details like buttons or ties. But don’t be afraid to go all out, like designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed who was recently spotted working a blue and green pair of plaid trousers. Also, it’s important to keep the cut sleek and avoid looking frumpy.

Animal prints: Afraid of creepy crawlies? Conquer your fear in the hottest animal print of the season.. snakeskin. Stores like Lifestyle are stocking bags in the print, upping the ante in a mix of psychedelic colours. While this style isn’t for everyone, you can dabble in a little reptilian fun with bracelets or thin belts. Caution: Don’t risk the wrath of PETA by donning the real thing. This is one style where it’s better to fake it.

Brooches: Another old world staple that’s tearing its way through fashion wardrobes. Michelle Obama helped in a big way by pairing her political outfits with trendy costume brooches. For an irreverent look, try feathers and pearls locked together on one brooch. If the occasion demands something sober, try pieces in animal designs and choose from a dazzling colour palette with turquoise, garnet and coral as options.

Seth says, “Make sure that the brooch is big and makes a statement. Designs like dragons and frogs are very big right now.”

And Seth even sees a new trend arising that may shock you. “Brooches for men are being designed in subtle ways,” she laughs. “Guys can pin them anywhere from shirts to pant legs. Of course, you have to be daring to try this trend.”
If you’re wondering how to wear a brooch without looking like your grandma , avoid pinning it to your shoulder. Use your brooch to secure a loose neckline or even as a cool belt buckle.

While they are traditionally paired with plain tops that help them stand out, you can wear them with prints as long as you don’t end up resembling a Christmas tree. Ditto for layering necklaces when wearing a brooch, even if the colours match.


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