Chinese Peanut Cake Recipe

Peanut Cake Recipe



2 Cups Glutinous Rice (Round Glutinous Rice)

1.5 Cups Water

225 g Sweetened Red Bean Paste


1/2 Cup Finely Ground Peanut

2 Tablespoons Sugar

**Mix the ground peanut and sugar together first.


Wash the glutinous rice. Put the rice into the rice cooker and add the water, cook until done (there will be 4 bowls of cooked rice). When it is cooked and still hot, use a pestle or a side of a rolling pin to pound the rice until crushed and sticky. Let cool.

Lie a wet, clean cloth on the table. Take a cup of rice and put it on the cloth, like making sushi roll, let the rice be a 10 cm (width) X 25 cm (length) flat rectangular.

Add about 1/3 of the red bean paste onto the rice and roll up (like making sushi roll). Make sure that the roll is firm enough and then remove the cloth.

Cut the roll into 5 cm wide pieces. Coat them with the peanut & sugar mixture, and serve.

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