Yoga: Finding Balance Behind the Desk and Away From It

Sometimes your workload has your head spinning. Your energy can feel so scattered for want of a starting point just to begin all of the tasks piled on your desk. Yoga is all about balance. The physical kind and the mental/spiritual kind. If any of these fall out of sync you feel it immediately. You may find yourself confessing to family members, friends or co-workers that you just feel like you’re flying all over the place. Or worse you may refer to yourself as crazy, instead of challenged.

While at the desk, it will be imperative for you to be ready for these moments. Yoga masters would say that operating in chaos and confusion is a wonderful opportunity to see how well you can remain in your center while still meeting your obligations and datelines. They would say, embrace the confusion and make order out of it. It is a powerful energy swirl that once corralled can reap for you many benefits. Just knowing this is very empowering.

For mental balance, organize your desk. Remember the concept of Vashtu that says honor space as sacred. Have an image of a loved one, a picture of nature, or an uplifting phrase in clear view to polarize you back to your center. Try to think of one task at a time, put a note on it with the next phase, then move on to the next task , identifying which task has priority. Your head will clear, energy will be restored.

For physical balance, stand away from your desk, or get down the hall to the employee lounge. Find a picture, a plant or a light switch to focus upon while you slowly pick up one foot, placing it heel up, on toes next to the other, as a support. Your arms may be outstretched or in the traditional palms together at the chest. Hold for 30 seconds while taking a calming breath and then change sides. In one minute you will feel so much more balanced. Balancing poses are said to increase longevity too! There is a traditional Yoga balancing pose known as "Rishi’s Pose", which is more advanced and is said to give one physical courage. Our simple "Single Leg Bamboo Stance" will do in a pinch, however. Yoga works!

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