Yoga: Water Palaces, Floating Palaces & Staying Hydrated At Work

There are many palaces in India, built by the Mogul emperors. The Lake Palace Hotel, in Udaipur, is still the vibrant palace of a Maharaja and one of the most spectacular sights. One dreams of approaching the island by boat and staying in this idyllic place so often the setting in Indian Movies. Kashmir has many lovely houseboats in it’s floating city on Dal Lake, and then there is the haunting sight of the Water Palace in Rajastan which has sometimes become dry and parched for want of life giving water. These are all constant reminders of the important role that water has played in the timeless architecture of India. Fatehpur Sikri, was once a massive fort-palace built as a city of water with elaborate fountains to refresh on even the hottest days. But today, it lays dry, still beautiful, yet a hollow shell of it’s former splendor. Once a thriving city, it failed to survive for want of water. It is a reminder that we cannot survive the long days of artificial lighting, dry heat, air conditioning and a less than perfect environment. Staying hydrated is imperative or you won’t function at a level of high performance. Your brain won’t work, your eyes may feel dry, your skin parched. You’ll be too fatigued for big decisions, long projects, worse-you won’t look your best. Here is a little water formula for seeing to it that you remain as vibrant as the Water Palace and not parched like Fatehpur Sikri.

Yoga Water Formula Fit For A Palace: Sip about 10oz of tepid water per hour if your environment is particularly dry. Less if you eat a lot of fruit or salad for lunch. You can add a green tea bag to it, or some lemon or orange. Sipping the water won’t flush it out of your body. It will help to keep you hydrated, as well as helping to alleviate any congestion from stuffy heating systems, dry throat and other inner environmental problems. Add to that a few slow neck rotations, and maybe a line or two from Tagore or Gafur so that you will feel as refreshed if you are in your own Water Palace. Yoga Works!


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