Mark Cuban punts iPhone for Nokia Windows Phone

Billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban likes Samsung Android and Nokia Windows phones over Apple

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner

In his Reddit AMA (ask me anything) Mark Cuban said he dropped the Apple iPhone for a Nokia Windows Phone.

“the windows phone kick the Iphone’s ass. Its not even close.”

He does not name the Lumia 920 but why would a billionaire buy anything but the best Nokia phone? 

“THe new Nokia with windows replaced my Iphone 5&Prime

The opinionated Cuban who has been tech savvy for decades is a Mac user but moving towards Windows 8.

"windows phone kick the Iphone's ass" Nokia Lumia 920

On his Reddit AMA he wrote  “I have a MacBook Air, but am trying the new Acer with Windows 8. I really, really like Windows 8 on my phone. I have 2 phones. first is samsung the 2nd was an Iphone5.

Like a true billionaire he is also cheap about money and counts the pennies.

  1. “i always look at the prices. And I belong to Prime to get better rates
  2. I buy the one i like. I dont throw shit away like that”

“I love the open Android and Samsung platforms. I use a replacement keyboard sw which increases my typing speed (i still miss the speed typing on my sidekick).”

“I love myIPad and my macbook air is amazing when it doesnt crash, so i like apple products, but i think as far as phones, both Samsung 3 w android and the windows phone kick the Iphone’s ass. Its not even close.”

I’d agree.

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