Pomplamoose Let’s Go For A Ride

Has the fun duo lost their mojo?


Only 30 seconds of the 2:38 new video is music. The remainder is an extended pitch for their new EP and soap?

Pomplamoose is Nataly Dawn, the photogenic jazz singer / gamine with cool harmonies, and Jack Conte the multi-instrumentalist, music producer and master of cute innovative videos.

Pomplamoose, Let's Go For A Ride - the 30 second song

They seemed to be the perfect example of new music that could become popular on social media – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Two years ago they were turning out new songs and covers at the rate of one every few months. Success! They were a hit. 8 million people watched Nataly sing ‘Lady Gaga Telephone’.

Last year the Angry Birds cover was another popular song with 4 million hits on YouTube.

But the pace slowed with only 2 real songs in the last 12 months, ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Bust Your Kneecaps’.


In the 2 minute long commercial that follows ‘Lets Go For A Ride’ Nataly and Jack pitch their new music, the EP and soap (?). Hmmm, lost your muse guys?

To be fair, they’ve been touring. Nataly had a solo CD and helped other artists record. But that’s not what made them popular.

It’s all about the music and your fans want more.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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