Ronald Snijders wins Boy Edgar Prize 2022

Ronald Snijders

This article was last updated on June 24, 2022

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Ronald Snijders, a jazz flutist, received the Boy Edgar Prize this year

This year, jazz flutist Ronald Snijders will be awarded the prestigious Boy Edgar Prize, the most prestigious Dutch jazz award. Snijders, a 71-year-old musician from Suriname, was hailed by the judges for his musical variety, including his ability to incorporate jazz, funk, and soul into his work. The winning bidder will receive a check for €25,000.00.

The judges said Snijders has been an innovator in jazz for over 50 years. “When Snijders was a child, he was drawn to music because of his father’s musical background. For him, a close relationship with the new generation of musicians is critical. Musician with a heart of gold, he makes it possible for other artists to shine.”

Snijders’ art, according to the judges, is centered on the exchange of information and ideas for years he has been recognized as an important role in uniting people from many walks of life and bringing them together via music.


In 2001, Snijders was made a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau and, the following year, a Knight of the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star, Suriname’s highest honor. In 1973, he got the press prize at the NOS Jazz Competition in Laren, where he won his first musical award. A series of concerts across the world followed.

In December, Ronald Snijders will collect the award at a performance in Amsterdam. Boy Edgar, a Dutch jazz icon, is the inspiration for the award (1915-1980).

In 2017, Ronald Snijders and his band performed the song Meet the World:

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