Laurens van Rooyen: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Prolific Pianist and Composer

Laurens van Rooyen

This article was last updated on March 22, 2024

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A Lifetime Dedicated to Music

It is with profound sadness we report that renowned pianist and composer Laurens van Rooyen passed away at the ripe age of 88. He was a stalwart in the music industry, known for his immense contribution to Dutch cinema and contemporary music. A prolific composer, he penned scores for noteworthy Dutch feature films such as “Een Vrouw als Eva” (1979), “Lieve Boys”(1980), “A Flight of Curlews” (1981), and “Brandende Liefde” (1983), etching a permanent mark in the auditory experience of cinema-goers.

Legacy of Collaborations

Alongside his achievements in the realm of film music, van Rooyen is also remembered for his collaboration with Herman van Veen. Both met at the conservatory and proceeded to conceive the Harlekijn Music Theater in the 1960s. However, one of van Rooyen’s most lauded ventures was as a member of Winged Friends. This piano ensemble, incorporating talents of Louis van Dijk, Pim Jacobs, and Pieter van Vollenhoven, emerged in 1988, captivating audiences throughout the Netherlands with its eloquence and approachable programming.

Expansive Solo Career

Van Rooyen’s music was not confined to group performances. His solo albums presented an alchemical fusion of classical and easy listening music that enthralled listeners. One of these lauded albums, was dedicated to the iconic Italian composer, Domenico Scarlatti. His musical timeline sprawled across decades, embellished with his compositions. Titles such as Collage, Rêverie, From Laurens with Love, and Visage are a testament to his versatility and continuous evolution as an artist.

Domcantata: A Celebratory Creation

In honor of his birth city’s heritage, van Rooyen crafted the Domcantata in 2004. This special composition was created for the 750th anniversary of the Cathedral in Utrecht, with texts supplied by his former partner and politician, Ina Brouwer. Planned for the coming summer was a series of concerts dedicated to the timeless work of The Beatles.

Global Impact and Recognition

Van Rooyen’s music transcended borders. He enjoyed considerable success in South Africa, South Korea, and Japan. Particularly in Japan, his composition “Imaginary Landscapes” has the honor of being the theme for the daily news program, Radio Midnight Express. His contributions to music were recognized in 2014, when he received a distinction as a knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

In commemorating Laurens van Rooyen, we remember a sensational pianist and composer who etched his mark not only in Dutch music and film but also in the hearts of global audiences.

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