Jack Conte on Getting Paid For Your Music

Half of Pomplamoose has a new idea that may help you fund your addiction to creating cool music

Jack Conte of Pomplamoose on creating music and making money

It was Bob Lefsetz, the music-biz curmudgeon, who first turned me onto the talented and creative duo of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn called Pompalmoose.

Who can ever forget "Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)"?

After 2 years of success they almost disappeared off the map. You could feel the vacuum of no-new-Pomplamoose songs.

Did they break up, get divorced, are they married, or was it just a great idea at the time? 

Pomplamoose are back the scene with a new video and project Pomplamoose – Royals 2Pac Beck Mashup. Yeah!

Jack, the every talking guy, gave a XOXO Festival presentation that explains the rise, almost demise and rise again of Pomplamoose.

The take away – there is a way to make some money recording your songs and don't listen to people who say it's all about the hits.

If your an indie artist, not signed to a big label and making a gazillion dollars, or just a Jack Conte follower, take the minutes and watch the video.

Jack talks about Pomplamoose's rise to success and why he stopped recording for 3 years. He also talks about the reason you can't make money on YouTube any more. He does have an interesting new project that might help – Patreon.

The big take away is keep making music, keep recording music and keep posting it on the internet.

In case you didn't see it, here's the Pedals Robots video.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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