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Bob Dylan Italy 2006

Dylan performs "Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine" at annual meeting

By Stephen Pate – It was the a blues stomper, kissing off a former, unnamed lover and the song that led off the 2nd disk of Bob Dylan's 1966 album Blonde on Blonde .  In this rare video, Dylan performs the song for

Blonde on Blonde was the third album of what author Ian Bell would call Dylan's "trilogy… an unparalleled achievement in its own right…a surge of creativity, of electricity". (Once Upon a Time: The Lives of Bob Dylan)

There are many Dylan fans who consider Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde the best work of Dylan's long career, but not for this song.

Most Likely You'll Go Your Way by Bob Dylan at the annual meeting performance

Like many artists, Dylan has done private performances. He was on the road near Seattle Washington when he stepped aside to perform at least 4 songs for the folks at

This video is a re-mix of the older video embedded at  Bob Dylan – Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine. I hope you find the audio better.  You comments below would be appreciated.

The details of Dylan's 2005 show is included in that story.

Blonde on Blonde recording

After recording the song in Nashville on March 9, 1966, Dylan ignored the song until the 1974 tour with The Band. That performance was captured on Before the Flood with Dylan shouting the last line "And I go mine."

During the 1966 recording of the song in Nashville, bass player Charlie McCoy told the organist Al Kooper "I'd love to overdub trumpet with the organ on those parts there."

Kooper told him Bob doesn't like to overdub anything. "Well I can do both at the same time if you want."

"Get outta here," said Kooper.

"No I can," McCoy said.

When they pitched the idea to Bob, Dylan cracked up and said show me. As the band played, McCoy played the Fender bass by slapping the frets with his left hand and played the trumpet in his right. Dylan's jaw dropped according to Kooper.

"Yeah you can do that," said Dylan "but I can't see you do it while we record this." So they put a sheet in front of McCoy. (From The Bob Dylan Bootleg Series iTunes app for Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series Vol. 10)

Blonde on Blonde is included in Bob Dylan The Complete Album Collection V.1.


You say you love me
And you're thinkin' of me
But you know you could be wrong
You say you told me
That you wanna hold me
But you know you're not that strong
I just can't do what I done before
I just can't beg you anymore
I'm gonna let you pass
And I'll go last
Then time will tell just who fell
And who's been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine

You say you disturb me
And you don't deserve me
But you know sometimes you lie
You say you're shakin'
And you're always achin'
But you know how hard you try
Sometimes it gets so hard to care
It can't be this way ev'rywhere
And I'm gonna let you pass
Yes, and I'll go last
Then time will tell just who fell
And who's been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine

The judge, he holds a grudge
He's gonna call on you
But he's badly built
And he walks on stilts
Watch out he don't fall on you

You say you're sorry

For tellin' stories
That you know I believe are true
You say ya got some
Other kinda lover
And yes, I believe you do
You say my kisses are not like his
But this time I'm not gonna tell you why that is
I'm just gonna let you pass
Yes, and I'll go last
Then time will tell who fell
And who's been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine

Copyright © 1966 by Dwarf Music; renewed 1994 by Dwarf Music

The featured image is from Delaware Online. The video has never been officially published and I am not aware of who owns the copyright, but certainly Bob Dylan has rights to it. I claim no ownership of the video and it is embedded for educational and critical purposes.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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