Human mission to Mars – A rescue plan towards global economic prosperity

The red planet - Mars

The red planet - Mars

South Africa has stated its space objectives by revealing its aim for grabbing a share of the global market for small to medium-sized space systems.

According to the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town on Wednesday, the delegates have been told that the solution to the world’s economic downfall is a human space mission to Mars. Mars Society’s Emmanuel Etrakakis has told that the global society is going towards a destructive phase and a new frontier would bring economic prosperity.

His paper titled “Space or Suicide, Yes we Can” was highly appreciated by the attendants of “Mars Exploration” session. Etrakakis, who is from Mozambique had sent a copy of his paper to United States President Barack Obama. He only has a reply of thanks as a compliment in return yet. In his paper, he has cautioned about the threats to global economy and no financial rescue plans are there to rescue it.

The technological changes and the dynamic developments have divided the modern world into two distinct parts. One part is characterized by the people already have enough but still going for “greed, aggression and speed”; while the other part comprises of hundreds of millions of people living below the $30 (about R240) a day poverty line. Such unjust distribution of wealth has given rise to high levels crimes of drug proliferation, public discontent and environmental degradation.

There is an immense need of stimulus of a new frontier. But the funding and the political will for manned space exploration is deteriorating. The US shuttle program has ended and the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) budget has shrunk as well.

Etrakakis has told delegates about a number of historical examples of how new frontiers became a source of ignition for the new economies. The Apollo program to send a human on the moon had a seven-to-one multiplier effect on the US economy. Etrakakis has asked for political leadership to bring the world on such a course by taking his warning seriously by working on beyond ‘Yes we can’, it’s ‘Yes we must’.

Although, there is a hope given by the European Space Agency by saying that it hopes to land human on Mars by 2035. And the next two decades of exploration of the Red Planet look set to be carried out by robots, including Earth-controlled orbiters, landers and rovers.

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