Fuel Shortage Alarm In South Sudan

Unity State Governor Taban Deng Gai has raised a red flag over an imminent shortage of fuel in South Sudan.

In a statement released on Tuesday this week, Gai said it was unfortunate that despite being a leading producer of oil, South Sudan still faces intermittent fuel shortages.

He said the situation poses a threat to development in the infant country.

“I am worried that development projects are likely to slow down due to lack of fuel. Before its independence in July, South Sudan accounted for about 75 percent of crude oil revenues that Sudan exported although the infrastructure has been in North Sudan. It is ironical that now we cannot access the commodity”, said Gai in his statement delivered during the ongoing Governors’ Forum in Juba.

Sharing of the oil revenue remains a contentious issue as North and South Sudan 
wrestle over its control.

Without an oil refinery, South Sudan still relies on fuel from its neighbour, North Sudan. However, the two are yet to agree on shipment fee as the pipeline runs to Port Sudan along the Red Sea coast.

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