Police Impound Motorbikes In Bor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“The Boda Boda riders shall not carry two or take pregnant women according to the rules of traffic law. Any Boda Boda rider who will not follow rules and regulations shall face the law according to 2009 Act,” said Colonel Jacob Gatwich Deng, the Traffic Police Chief in Jonglei State.

He said that the young boys do not have registered plates and they disrespect the police rules as they are fond of over speeding without care of other road users.

He said they have collected more than 50 motorbikes which violated the traffic regulations.

Children below 17 years are not allowed to use the motorcycles or operate as the Boda Bodas taxis.

“For those who have the motorcycles, please if you need the money do not give your motorcycles to young child below 17 year old, give your motorcycles to person above 18 years onward and you will be issued for license,” he said.

The move is aimed at minimising the cases of road accidents in the town. All the riders have been advised to have a helmet to protect them in case of an accident.

All the motorcycles operating in the town are expected to have better breaks, lights, indicators and side mirrors.

The officers said that anyone selling motorcycles will require an approval letter from the traffic office to be given to the qualified the buyer.

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