School Converted Into A Local Brewery In Budi County: Minister

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The State Education Minister, Michael Lopuke Lotyam reported to the State parliament that the school built by support from the Norwegian Church Aid in Kimtong Payam of Budi County has been converted into a selling place.

The minister revealed this while presenting a report on education needs assessment for debate.

He said the group currently using the school are a section of community politicians including government representatives.

According to area MP Angelo Lomoi Joseph, Constituency Number 18, Kimotong, Budi County, the school was built in 1977 by the NCA.

The MP concurred with the report saying that it has been raised by the area politicians including himself but denies that he does not have any residence within the school unlike others who evidently have.

The MP thanked the Ministry for coming up with the report to the Parliament and hopes the Parliament will consider passing appropriate resolution on the matter. 

The Minister clarified that he is pitying pupils and teachers as locals are using the school for brewery and selling alcohol including locally made white stuff known as ‘kwete’ hence pushing the legitimate teachers and pupils out into a congested building block for classrooms and accommodation.

The report from all the eight counties of the state was conducted between February 23rd and October 24th, 2012, when it was finally completed.

The state has an estimated population of about 1.5 million with most inhabitants being predominantly agro-pastoralist residing in the drier regions of the state that include: Kapoeta East, Kapoeta North, Kapoeta South, Lafon/Lopa counties and some parts of Ikwoto County.

Agriculturalist communities are found in the wetter parts of the state such as Magwi, large part of Ikwoto and Lopa/Lafon, Budi, and Torit counties.

The specific objective behind the exercise was to assess the status of enrolment in schools in addition to evaluating the Teachers’ Classroom Ratio and Teachers’ Pupils’ Ratio apart from reviewing the quality of teachers in teaching force.

The team was to establish the number of employed, deserted and volunteer teachers and to indentify the number of schools in the counties apart from identifying and addressing the needs of teachers in schools.

Though aims at understanding some managerial issues in schools such as school leadership, Parent Teachers (PTA), School Management Committee (SMC) and Board of Governors (BOG), the Minister Lopuke further informed the legislators that the exercise was additionally to determine the number and details of Private Schools while establishing exact number of Alternative Education System (AES) Centers in the state.

The poor road network and geographical terrains made it impossible to access some schools and villages and the assessment was not able to establish the status of some schools as to whether they are public, private or community owned schools. 

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