Justice Minister Presents Bills To House

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Hon. John Luk presented the Law Review Commission Bill 2013, Procurement and Purchase 2013 and the Non Governmental Organizations Bill 2013. It also listened to the proposed amendments to the passport and immigration laws 2013.

In his explanation to the press, John Luk said that the Law Review Commission is geared towards establishment of a legal frame work and organizing the work of the law review commission in the country.

He said the bill of procurement and purchase whose need is enshrined in the Transitional Constitution gives government obligation to regulate procurement in the country.

The Non Governmental Bill seeks to regulate the structure to monitor the registered organizations in the country.

As per the business, the August House referred the three bills to their respectful Committees of; Justice, Economy and Finance, and Human Rights and Humanitarian respectively to present to the House in their second reading from next week.

The presentation of the bills marks the commitment of the August House stated last week that it will be fully be involved in passing new bills from this week.

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