Parliament Urges South Sudan Army To Clear Jonglei Of Rebels

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Wal said that when Yau Yau was controlling an area such as Boma, it can be a threat which may lead to cutting of the East Africa roots with South Sudan.

“Recapturing of the area is a very big event that we can really thank our soldiers in the state,” the speaker said.

Chol said that it is too earlier for them as members of Jonglei state assembly to talk about the sending of the MPs to Boma area.

“We do not fear our soldiers they are well trained and they know human rights and the stability of the area itself, the peace is relating to the presence of the South Sudan army,” Chol said.

He said that they need to give chance to their soldiers to clear rebels from the areas and not just Boma town alone.

“We urge the soldiers to move deeply through the areas of Pibor to recapture all the areas from Yau Yau rebels,” he said.

The state Energy and Mining Chairperson Nelson Kuony has said that they support the amnesty granted by President Salva Kiir.

He said that if Yau Yau would have heard the advice from the citizens and accepts the amnesty, peace would have been achieved adding that if he is not in position to agree with government the SPLA will defend the citizens of Jonglei state.

“The SPLA are strong enough to defend [the] country from rebel groups and very soon the peace will come,” Kuony said.

Col. Philip Aguer confirmed the capturing of Boma town from the rebel group in Eastern part of Jonglei state on Sunday adding that only 12 soldiers were wounded in the battle.

He said that he was among the SPLA delegation that visited Boma town and that the army has restored law and order in the town.

“The SPLA has restored law and order in Boma town, the SPLA entered Boma this morning [Sunday] and we have now taken control over it”, said Aguer.

He said that the army captured many weapons and will make an identification to find out the source and the countries in which they were manufactured.

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