Lakes State Ban On Alcohol Bites Widows

Some local residents of Anuol payam of Yirol West County have resorted to consuming wild fruits as source of food after the ban on alcohol affected their incomes. [Gabriel Mayom]

In various interviews conducted in Rumbek, widows affected by the decision tell their plight as some have opted to feed their children with wild fruits as selling local brew was stopped without option being provided by state government to them and most of them have relative in government to support them.

The decision of banning local brew alcohol was protested by widows but state government overlook their demands.

The local alcoholic banned is the part taken by military caretaker Governor Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol to quell down rising of insecurity.

Rebecca Yar Ijong, resident in long remote of Anuol payam of Yirol West County describes the government decision to ban selling of local brew alcohol was taken to advance rich family live hood and poor family will die.

Yar said that the dismissal of my children from school is reburial of life.

“I fail to pay their school fee and school administration dismissed my two children away – upon my children arriving home while crying, I ask them what happened, they told me that they are being dismissed because they failed to paid school fee, I was shocked and I become speechless and,” she said.

She said she had no option after she lost her husband she has no relatives to help her raise the family.

In March, Lakes state’s security services carried out an intensive search for alcohol in Rumbek Central market just days after the military caretaker governor banned the sale of alcohol in the state.

Dhuol also instructed members of the security forces to arrest on sight anyone found drinking, either in town or in the cattle camps.

Several women groups, mainly comprising those who lost their husbands during the long civil war with Sudan, have protested the governor’s decision to ban their alcohol brewing businesses in the state.

Since January, Lakes state government had introduce harsh security measure reforms where youth have been targeted for detention at the military prison located in Langcok, Pulkuc and Ajakangau (Ngatinka).

Activists criticize President Salva Kiir Mayardit for having undermined South Sudan transition constitution.

The constitution which empowered president to remove elected governor gave the president power to appoint a caretaker governor for only 60 days and fresh election are held.

Caretaker Governor Dhuol assumed power in January and his term end in March 21 but there is no promise of fresh election being made by president or election commission.

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