Bishop Urges South Sudanese To Adopt Positive Attitudes Towards Development

Reverend Hillary Luate Adeba, the Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan Yei Diocese. [Petia Suliman Loro]

Adeba was speaking about the achievements by the church in the socio-economic development in Yei River County and the whole of South Sudan.

He said people’s negative attitudes towards development have greatly hindered developmental activities in the country, saying that positive attitudes for development and to develop will achieve better results.

“Positive attitudes for development and to develop will make you achieve better results,” said Hillary.

He urged the citizens to be development oriented and narrow their vast individual interests and cater for the people’s concerns.

Hillary cautioned the citizens to depart from the culture and tradition of “wanted to be given and to take, killing innocent lives” rather than developing the attitude of wanting to create.

He expressed disappointment over the way people in the country are depending on foreign aid and living in an unfair means of surviving.

The Episcopal Diocese of Yei has registered a lot of achievements, both spiritual and economically in Yei River County and other parts of the country.

The Diocese has established Yei Teachers’ Training College; Vocational Training Institute, eight full primary schools and a health centre operating in Yei River County.

Bishop Hillary said, the Diocese is having a plan to establish secondary schools and also expanding Martha Health Centre owned by the Diocese so as to accommodate health related issues in the county.

The churches in Yei River County have invested a lot in the provision of health and education services which has attracted many people from the neighbouring counties with limited health and education facilities to enjoy the services in Yei River County.

During the 21 years of Liberation struggle in the Sudan, it was the church founded Non Governmental Organizations such as Adventist Development Relief Agency, Catholic Relief Care, the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, providing health, relief and education facilities to the citizens in the country.

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