Peacekeepers Help Reconstruct Dyke To Prevent More Flooding In Bor Town

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Led by Col. Ko Dongjun, commander of the UNMISS Korean Engineering Unit, some 35 peacekeepers reconstructed the dikes to prevent more flooding.

The grading of the roads is an assistance being offered through the South Korean contingent in the UNMISS peacekeeping forces to Bor Municipal Council.

South Korea’s Horizontal Military Engineering Company said that they have a mandate to improve infrastructure and build capacity and will be able to help the people of the republic of South Sudan.

“They told us actually that they will help Bor municipality in achieving some of the goals; to improve the road network in Bor and they also will mean putting on the road some murram that is secured from Mangala,” the Mayor of Bor Municipality council, Nhial Majak Nhial has said.

Nhial said that they expect to do a lot in future with South Korean army contingency, adding that with inconveniences of the rain, the Koran Military engineering unit doesn’t work during the rainy season or when there is rain.

“They are grading the Bor municipal main road as the first project and when the dry season comes, we will improve two things; the drainage system and they will be planning to do the main drainage system in the town because the town is front to be under flood as the river bank here in Bor in particular is very low especially in the eastern,” Nhial said.

He said that Nile River flashes the whole town with a lot of water in number of places especially when the river Nile gets full.

“We will be able to put amicable solutions by looking for people who can be able to provide a longer term solution which is actually one of my goals,” he said.

“The length of the main road is 12 kilometres and we have length of about 71 kilometres main road in Bor, they will not be able to do all these, I expect the state Government to do parts of the road improvement,” he said.

He said that they may start tomorrow by themselves with state Ministry of Physical Infrastructure to try to do what they can to improve the road network of Bor town.

“I will be able to say the full length of the main road of Bor will be done by the South Korean people. No, we need also to kick in and be able to do the rest of it,” he said adding that “Otherwise we will do it together and probably realize the dream of this town. UNMISS in particular the South Korean contingent unit are giving us a lot of assistances especially in term of raising the standard of development of this town.” 

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