Rain, Flood Continues To Wreck Havoc In Aweil

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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This comes following a four-hour rainfall on Monday during the early morning hours.

Despite the damages to property, no human casualties were reported in every residential area affected by the heavy flood.

According to the authorities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, the government is responding to this big waft by forming committees to statistically analyze and submit the list of victims to willing humanitarian agencies for some relief items as soon as possible.

Addressing the journalists in his office on Tuesday, the deputy town mayor of Aweil municipality, Hon. Simon Tong Deng said the government is worried with the disastrous rain and he hopes the government shall work to help the victims through the human agencies whom he said had held an emergency meeting in regard to the deteriorating situation in the state.

“We have seen what has happened and this is something very terrible which we can work together to respond into it and help address it to its best possible way. As government after seeing the situation in every residential area, we called for emergency meeting with all International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) operating in the state on how we can address this together,” Tong said.

He said that they have an agreement that the state government is going to form a committee that shall carry out all statistical records in all affected locations for the submission to concerned agencies for the relief items.

Tong further expresses the government’s willingness and ability to provide only mosquito nets and tents to flood affected residents through other enthusiastic INGOs but refuted the claims of catering every basic expense because of what he said as ‘limited resources’ from both the government the INGOs.

“I just want to tell the victims that, what we are running after from these humanitarian agencies is just to beg for the secondary needs than primary needs, I meant to say that everybody shall not be hoping for food or other things but we can afford at the moment is mosquito nets and the tents for temporary settlement until further notice,” he said.

Most of the displaced complained the floods happened due to wrong planning as proper feasible studies on town features regarding lowlands and highlands were not characterized by the settlement and canals’ production which they pinpointed on the ministry of physical infrastructure for having not done enough dykes and good deep canals to help reduce floods.

“My things were badly devastated completely. I do not know exactly where to begin from. I am blaming the government particularly the ministry of physical infrastructure for the poor planning of the town. They did not dig enough canals and dykes to minimize this poor drainage system,” Ayak Ajou, one of residents affected by flood in Naivasha told Gurtong.

The flood cases were reported last week by the government authorities which they said to punched off four counties Aweil west, South, North and Aweil east respectively with exception of Aweil centre and Aweil town.

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