St. Luke’s Student Guild Officials Sworn In

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The student’s guild council was not given its obligations to go ahead with all the responsibilities with John Guot Dau, the school managing Director saying that the school was initiated by South Sudanese who are in United States of America interested in building up the nation.

He says school was officially opened on 15th April, 2013 which marked the beginning of the semester to serve the community and the Churches.

“We have recently sponsored a number of students from various Churches that mainly from Bor Diocese from Presbyterian, Anglican and the Episcopal church of different Dioceses that includes Twic east and the area of Duk County,” he said.

The union is under a theme; “To prepare Christian’s leaders for service to Church and community.”

There was also declaration of law that governs the students’ union body.

The day also marks the commencement of those particular laws that will govern the students’ union body to be in action.

James Deng Akeer is the Dean of students in St. Luke’s and says that it has been a long time vision for St. Luke’s to have such leaders in the school.

Deng said that the colleague together with the students in connection with his office as the dean of students will prepare the students leaders through general election that was done by students themselves.

The school has elected the students into the following positions; the president of the guild council, the Vice, secretary General, treasurer, secretary of information, secretary of students affairs, environmental affairs, secretary for Gender welfare, secretary for religious affairs and time keeping secretary.

The ceremony held at the school premises was attended by the state Government representatives, international NGOs and civil population.

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