Education Assessment Team Arrives In Wau

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The team is led by deputy minister Bol Makueng and arrived to Wau after concluding similar visits to Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Warrap states.

The delegations were joined by the directors from state ministry of education in Western Bahr el Ghazal as move of extending their official visit to Payam and Boma levels in the state.

The delegations were part of the same panel the national ministry sent out last week to access the level of education across the country.

Before the panels could visit key areas in the state to get a glimpse of the level of education, they were welcomed by the state governor along with the bureaucrats from the state Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Speaking while addressing the brief meeting with state governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan, deputy minister Bol Makueng said they visited as part of national ministry team to the states aimed at accessing the level of education, quality of teachers and the progressive of new syllabus introduced by the education national ministry in the country.

“The visit rationale of this team is also an initial of the national ministry’s promises of making changing in the quality of education in the Country,” said Makueng. 

“We are here for inquiry of information on education as I mentioned above, we need to know which schools are closed down and why before we report back for what could be done on all matters,” said Makueng.

He also said the inquiry will include finding circuitous matters facing the teachers in the Country.

By doing this so, the minister of education science and technology Dr John Gai formed a committee to Upper Nile state as a move of the same matter, he said. 

The national ministry of education delegates are set to stay for two days in Western Bahr el Ghazal state and would visit three counties in the state.

However Bol Makueng said they will not make any promises or pledges.

“After concluding the tour, all teams will meet in capital Juba to deliberate on all matters they have collected on the ground facing the education sector in the Country,” he said.

Makueng said doing the assessment will provide high ranking information to the national ministry about the challenges facing the ministry.

The delegation is expected to end their visit in Lakes state capital, Rumbek.

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