South Sudan Will Not Allow Anybody To Get Power Using Violence: VP Igga

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The VP said this during an official visit to Eastern Equatoria State capital, Torit.

He says South Sudan has just come the long way after voting against unity to remain in the then Sudan saying it is time for the citizens to strictly look far for development, peaceful coexistence and stability in terms of security, economy among other things. 
Challenging his fellow country men and women to defend their dignity, democracy and freedom, the VP who had just concluded a historic rally at Torit Freedom Square delivered his nearly two-hour extensive address to the state residents.

He says it is up to South Sudanese to decide whether to allow their hard won freedom be thrown away by other aimless people like Riek Machar Teny or come out strongly to defend.

He says the ball is on their hands, the citizens alongside their leaders can decide the way they chose to secede from Sudan to now South Sudan.

His message to the resident was well received by the audience with claps and charming vocalizations.

On Tuesday, the VP said that the government forces will soon recapture key towns now being controlled by the rebel forces.

South Sudan was born following a historic referendum held in 2011 and officially declared a newest state on July 2011.

After the new Country’s South Sudan, faced attempted coup as from December 2013 in Juba, the nation has been plagued by ethnic tension with the violence boiling until now.

Trying to come together for negotiation talks in Addis Ababa capital of Ethiopian, the African mediators with support of the United Nations, and being guided by the African Union and IGAD to ensure two sides reach peaceful settlement with efforts to end the ongoing violent in the country.

President Kiir, last week declared a state of emergency in the states of Jonglei and Unity, where rebels took control the respective capitals; Bor and Bentiu.

More than 1,000 people have been killed and nearly 200,000 displaced by violence.

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