Organizations Assess Yei River County IDPs’

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Sebit Manya, the Secretary for South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner in Yei River County told reporters at the camp that there are more than 300 IDPs currently at the former UNMISS compounds in Yei Municipality and more others are still being brought to the camp by the government.

The team carrying out the assessment comprised of government officials from Yei Municipality, Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations, the office of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Yei River County, the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees being witnessed by the UNMISS.

Sebit said, the main objectives of carrying out this assessment is to assess the security and the safety of the IDPs who are mainly from the Nuer tribe camped at the former United Nation Mission in South Sudan compound in Yei Municipality.

The team on ground is also to assess the level of the condition of the IDPs and also to establish the urgent basic needs that may be required by the IDPs.

Sebit urged all the IDPs who are still hiding in their various locations to report to the camp so that they are given maximum protection from any wrong elements.

He said that after the completion of this assessment, the report will be compiled and forwarded to the commissioner and the Mayor of Yei Municipality for further action.

The biggest problems now facing these IDPs include lack of sanitary facilities, food, shelter, medication, water storage facilities, cooking utensils, beddings as most of them are coming to the camp without their belongings.

Some of the IDPs nursing mothers have also reported severe diarrhea cases among their children as they stayed days without food.

The IDPs also raised concern of feeling insecure in the place where they are being camped, as there are no enough organized forces at the camp to offer protection.

The United Nation High Commission for Refugees is at the moment supplying safe drinking water and plastic sheets for the IDPs to raise temporary shelters, as the former UNMISS compound has no single shelter in place.

The three weeks clashes in South Sudan has left 1,000 dead and more than 200,000 internally displaced and sent thousands to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries.

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