SPLA Medical Corps Dismiss Claims Of Bias In Treatment

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Speaking to Gurtong on Tuesday , the Director of Wau Military Hospital Major Marial Cuir assured that the military hospital philosophy is to give medical attention to all wounded SPLA soldiers regardless of who they are, saying that all these allegations are unfounded.

“We have called all different media houses in Western Bahr El Ghazal to have wider access to our wounded gallant soldiers, and you have seen the composition of those who were wounded in different areas of Unity State , including Brigadier General John Yuan Dhol from Nuer tribe and he fought the rebels of Dr. Riek Machar in Mayom,” said Cuir.

He said they have received 23 wounded soldiers from Mayom, Biemnhom and Bentiu and the wounded gallant soldiers are from different sections and communities of the Republic of South Sudan, and they received equal treatment.

He calls upon those who spread lies and rumours that Nuer wounded gallant soldiers are not taken care of in the Military Hospital to stop such fabricated lies and focus on what will unite South Sudanese and restore peace and stability in the country.

“We are the national army, Medical team, it’s an obligation and responsibility for us to give equal treatment to our soldiers, who fought heroically and defeated the rebel forces in the frontline,” he said.

Cuir appreciated the people of South Sudan, especially the citizens of Western Bahr El Ghazal State for their stand to support the national army in whatever kinds they have given to the wounded gallant soldiers in different medical sections in Greater Bahr El Ghazal or sector one such as Gogrial , Anet , Kuacjok and Wunyik.

Brigadier General Gabriel Gatwiech Puoch, the Chief Administrator of Division five assured stability and security in Western Bahr El Ghazal, and described crisis in South Sudan as political conflict between politicians, but not tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer.

“I am from Nuer and I am the Chief Administrator of Division Five, did Dinka killed me ? How many Nuers do we have in Greater Bahr El Ghazal, did you hear a single of them being killed?,” he asked.

Puoch dismissed what international and regional media reflected as tribal conflict, saying that the SPLA ranks in Western Bahr El Ghazal has united to fight rebels that want to take political power by force.

“We have many wounded soldiers here in Wau military hospital and most of them are Nuer, receiving successful medical attention from our Medical Corps,” he said adding that the SPLA is national army that has constitutional mandate to protect South Sudan territory and constitutional elected government.

According to the wounded Brigadier General John Yuan Dhol, rebels in Unity and other parts of the country are enemies of peace and progress of South Sudan and it’s not Nuer tribe against the government.

“In fact most of them are Nuer who misinformed regarding what had happened in Juba, however, they will one day regret the incalculable damages they have done to the nation and its people,” he said.

Dhol revealed that he was wounded in the operation while liberating Mayom County in Unity from rebel forces.

Another wounded SPLA officer, Major Piol Wol, assured South Sudanese to unite and fight the rebels which waged war against the sovereign state and its people.

I wouldn’t regret my wound, because I got hurt will defending my nation, he said.

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